Sorsogon City Water District to pursue bulk water supply project

Ground breaking of Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) water impounding project at Barangay Guinlajon, Sorsogon City. Contributed Photo
Ground breaking of Sorsogon City Water District (SCWD) water impounding project at Barangay Guinlajon, Sorsogon City. Contributed Photo

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – Taking responsibility to deliver a safe and potable water to its concessionaires, the management of the Sorsogon City Water District is embarking in partnership with Abejo Waters Corporation to set-up a bulk water supply facility tapping the Cawayan River as its source because of its enormous volume of water seepage on it, this was clarified by Engr. Ronaldo Barbono when he appeared during the session of the city council of Sorsogon.

He added that the plan of SCWD has the approval from the National Water Resources Board and will adhere to the highest standards as prescribed in the Philippines National Standard for Drinking Water.

Said project is invaluable since it will benefit the barangays in the Western District of the city which ironically most are getting their supply from worn-out water connections needing repairs and clean-ups.

The plan of the water district is to tap fifty liters per second (LPS) out of the seepage of water in the river to supply adequately the needs of new concessionaires in the western part of the city, the apprehensions that it will further dry up the river is unfounded. Using technologies that are commonly use in tapping river seepage, Abejo Water Corporation promised to install water treatment facility which will not only supply the Barangays of Guinlajon, Basud, Ticol, Pamurayan, Penafrancia, Pangpang and Tugos but will continuously flow even to the consumers of the water district in the city proper.

This will not only be a facility of water tapping but this will be a new kind of educating the youth for the treatment facility will have a showroom open to visitors to see for themselves how the treatment of water in modern technologies will be done, said Barbono as this was assured by Abejo Waters in pushing for the mandate of SCWD to have a meaningful and doable social responsibility. He added, out of the income of the project one percentage will be allocated for SCWD social responsibility projects which the water district will supervise.

It is unfortunate though that some sectors are opposing the project, but as a reminder to them, Sorsogon City Water District has the mandate and a priority in using available water resources for mass distributions ahead of other users. This is an expressed right of water districts. The district manager added.

Accordingly, the water district will continue with its information education campaign regarding the project and assures that it will not alter the flow of water in Cawayan River. []

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