Sorsogon board member, driver hurt in an accident

(Third from left) Board Member Vladimir Frivaldo. Photo by
(Center) Board Member Benito Doma, mayoralty canditate of Prieto Diaz. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Angel Ayala and Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

PRIETO DIAZ, Sorsogon ( – The pranksters of Barangay Calao claimed another victim when incumbent second district Board Member Benito Doma suffered bruises in different parts of his body early today in a motorcycle accident together with his driver.

At the time of the accident Doma is back riding in a motorcycle driven by Frenie Inolba of Sorsogon City when they hit a protruding sixteen foot wood intentionally left by unknown persons who littered the place with broken bottles believed by police investigator’s as suspect of the wrong doing.

The broken bottles littered at the accident area is believed by police investigators as the empties of intoxicating liquor intentionally smash to create more damage and injury to vehicle riding passersby. It took its marked to Doma and his driver companion.

The victims are bound to the city proper after an initial visit with his constituents at Prieto Diaz wherein he is a candidate for the mayoralty position in 2013.

The motorcycle they are riding took damages and the victims were rushed to a private tertiary hospital in Sorsogon City for immediate medical evaluations and treatment.[]


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