Hierarchy of needs

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Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr., BicolToday.com

The works of Abraham Maslow, the American psychologist, who developed the hierarchy of needs theory in the 1940s that deals with the understanding of human motivation, management training and personal development, has become more relevant in the fast changing scenario of public governance.

Maslow’s work pinpoints a responsibility to provide an environment that encourages and enable his constituents to fulfill their own unique potential which according to him each of us is motivated by needs. Here the equations in fulfilling that needs becomes a graded motivation.

Why it becomes graded motivation is as common as to the character of the one giving the command either in a workplace or policy directions of chief executives who assumes that his voice is the final command without processing self-actualization needs of his constituents that affects development. Here reverting the theories one becomes greedy and complacent treating every problem as a nuisance instead of focusing on how to solve the problem. More opted to apply window dressing than putting a brave front to confront the issues admitting an oversight in policies. Very few among our local leaders would admit policy failures instead layers of cover-ups are rolled out believing that a failed solution is still a remedy.

Such failure spills from one desk to another that the end-line throws-out public governance in disarray.

Unstudied public policy raises the bar of dole-outs, wasting manpower resources, leads to greediness and arrogance that open the line for subservience to the man on top. The man on top relied to his people on the ground that oftentimes does their work on the table instead of immersing with the people, pointing the reverse truth that they are “accepting others as they are trying to change people”, indeed changing people to see the “emperor’s new clothes”.

Easier to market a name than feasibly studying a program before implementation is a trend that most “public servants” of dubious intents follows.

People are asking their leaders the real score of public governance, the truth why the peoples treasury is in near bankruptcy, why others are favored juicily and other others not, why choice positions given to those closest to power even in grave abuse of discretion, why projects are overpriced, the need to extravagantly deplete income by borrowings even manipulating people or groups to their miseries are not answered.

The propensity to use the media for personal favors at the expense of real social services are too glaring to ignore, billboards of all sorts dims one eyesight but continued to pop-up at streets and highways polluting more the landscape of public governance.

Interpreting the actions of the man on top Maslow may asked; where is the keen sense of reality where a leader should be aware of real situations, where he has an objective judgment rather than subjective Does he ever see problems in terms of challenges and situations requiring solutions rather than see problems as personal complaints and excuses? The man on top must remember the “lower order needs must be satisfied before he embarks treating the higher order needs of influence and personal development”.

Indeed it is happening only for his sake.

By and large the extravagance of life added the cravings for greediness leaving the poor people to fight and eke for its survival. Bloated estimates of income are common, technical malversation and un-remittance of collections are scheme to upend payables that becomes bigger slice in financial directions. Scrutinize their books of account and you might collapsed by the smell of its hideousness.

It is but the same with leaders who by themselves forge allegiance and alliances fooling further a fooled populace that seems to tatters in borrowed air disallowing others to serve and convalescing in the belief that their family has the rightful claim to power. Such arrogance to own a land which doesn’t belong to them and which shall out live them will turn Macling Dulag from his grave.

They don’t admit political dynasty, it’s the people who they say elect them, true but also true that it was they who manipulated and coerces the freedom of the populace to choose a rightful and sensible leader.

This contravenes Maslow progressive thoughts for how can leaders motivate the populace to achieve development goals when they see in leader’s rampant corruption and misbehavior or expect to work with him as a team member when he feels cheated no end. And the few who enriched themselves for being a pup sucking his mentor are abusive with nothing to fear.

The populace end-up with nothing except a can full of worms that none dares to open for worms chips the brainiest of our sensibilities. [October 18, 2012]

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