Sorsogon Gov. Lee behind Laurinaria in online survey

Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Building. Photo by
Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Building. Photo by

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – If the result of the online survey is a gauge of voter’s sentiments and preference then former Vice-Governor Renato Laurinaria of Castilla town can plant his shoes in the steps of the provincial capitol of Sorsogon.

The survey was undertaken by using Poll Daddy as tabulator beginning September 27 until October 10 this year. The period covered the scheduled week of filing the certificate of candidacy for the coming election of 2013 as governor.

A single question was posted by, Who is your preference for Governor of Sorsogon in 2013, no other yardstick for the readers to consider and the results for the period covered showed that Laurinaria got 57.45%, followed by Lee with 17.02%, City Mayor Leovic Dioneda was preferred by 15.96% of the respondents and Vice-Governor Antonio Escudero was at the bottom with 9.57%.

In the Facebook page of, the same question was posted, the only difference is that it was conducted from September  26 to October 10 and was viewed by 2,542 people of which only 205 have voted. Compared to the Poll Daddy tabulated survey, people who voted are subscribers to the only online news service here in the province, while that of the September 27 to October 10 covers a more diversified class of readers who voted.

In the said Facebook of bicoltoday survey, the same wide margin was enjoyed by former Vice-Governor Laurinaria who got 105 votes against 56 votes for incumbent Governor Raul Lee, while Vice-Governor Escudero and City Mayor Dioneda are tied with 22 votes each.

Governor Lee is not only a lawyer but has more than thirty years in his name as local chief executive, Laurinaria got twelve years to his credit, nine years as mayor and one term as vice-governor, Escudero is the longest serving vice-governor of the province while Dioneda has fifteen years as local chief executive. Laurinaria, Escudero, Dioneda have one thing in common, they all have military/police training to show.[]

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