Sorsogon City park becoming popular as a relaxation spot

Sorsogon City Hall and Park. PHOTO BY MANNY FERRER
Sorsogon City Hall and Park. PHOTO BY MANNY FERRER

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY (10-October-2012) – Want to escape the traffic, the un-relenting noise of the city streets, the human surge during rush hours, visit the city park at Barangay Cabid-an, feel the difference.

The grounds of Sorsogon City Hall, well manicured, lighted, spacious walkways is becoming a hub for relaxation among city residents. Lay-out to suit the ambience of a tired body, families, friends, dating couples opts to spend their free time at the city park. The feeling was rejuvenating because of its lush greeneries and fresh air, commented by a family of four. This is just like a mini Luneta, referring to the national park in Manila.

The crisp atmosphere is the key for its success. The five hectare city hall complex is surrounded by rice fields, coconut land and its open spaces free itself from noise and air pollutants. Instances, black crows, almost extinct, can be seen flying in formation, one may catch the agility of coconut farmers, scaling the heights of the coconut tree, or if you’re lucky a white heron can be seen leisurely picking their food at the paddies.

During time of harvest, witness the graciousness of our farmers in clearing their fields. These are the added come-on which other parks don’t have.

When night falls the multi-colored lights added loveliness and sweet elegance to the place, it becomes magical. The repertoire of music blaring in the park caresses a weary bone, it goes with the crowd, hearing them sing along with the music and children running freely opens a joy of belonging.

The crowd on any given day is a mixture of sort, groups practicing their dance number, drama enthusiast showcasing their acting talents, and the half of our gender may be in for a goodtime.

It’s not only the relaxing souls who benefit from the city park, micro vendors are having a field day during weekends and on good weather they have more than what they have to earn for a day’s work.

Another plus side is the proximity of the city police headquarters, no one dare start trouble for fear of cold bars.

On special events the park is abuzz with entertainment, sit coms, singing competition, plays and you may find a group listening to a read- a-long.

It has now earned its place, it has shown its luster, it has proven its importance and best of it is well-loved by the city residents. []

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