The Brutuses in Politics


Editorial: The Brutuses in Politics

“Et tu, Brutus” (And, also you, Brute), wailed Julius Caesar in shock, after getting stab by his close trusted friend Brutus inside the Rome Senate House. This treachery was immortalized in William Shakespeare play masterpiece, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar.

The treachery, the betrayal among friends, allies, and relatives. Treachery done among the best of friends and associates. The primordial man’s instinct to survive, to live at the expense of his brethren. To waste someone for the sake of one’s own survival, his self-preservation, to protect his ambition and interests.

It’s game time in Philippine politics, The Brutuses among politicians, the Judas Iscariots among them, for a few pesos, perhaps few million pesos more and the much-needed votes to ascend in the thrones of power, forget their moral values and ethics to forsake their fellow brethren at the latest whisper of mutual interest.

Sorsogon’s LP stalwart Board Member Arnulfo Perete is right when he said he was “transacted” at the Liberal Party leadership to be denied of his official nomination as official candidate just to favor the Escuderos. He was betrayed by the LP national leadership and they never valued his party loyalty throughout the years when the LP was near disintegration.

“Transactional politics” completed, but, at the expense of LP idealism, moral ascendancy, and disregard of value for party loyalty. Every betrayal is attributed to “political expediency”, to protect “party interest and common objective to win.” This happens to all political parties – the motives, the objectives and greed are the same.

How many talented, dedicated leaders have been sacrificed, horse-traded, and manipulated by the power-brokers? Countless of them. Nobody among the Brutuses care, except to secure their hold on to power, and to mingle around with the Caesars and other Brutuses who walk in the corridor of power.

As what has been said before: “Absolute power begets absolutely”, greed for power has driven the worst in men. In Camarines Sur, Congressman Luis R. Villafuerte (LRV) and Governor LRay Villafuerte, father and son respectively, have broken ties just to hold on to their positions. Now, its the grandfather and the grandson, LRV and LRay’s son Migz, who will be facing off each other in Camarines Sur gubernatorial race. Not contented, LRV has to support his son’s (LRay) opponent, Congressman Dato Arroyo, in the Congressional race in the 2nd District. At what price shall power and position be secured?

The Fuentebellas in Camarines Sur want to break up the province just to create jobs for their children who are becoming young politicians. And, the worst is for them to say, without blinking an eye, that “they are doing it for the common good and the people’s welfare.” But, the constituency and the Filipino people in general, are still gullible to accept these hallow rhetoric as truths, except for a few good men who can stand up and expose the lies.
Treachery and betrayal have been in man’s inherent character, or instinct in his evolution and formation of civilization, despite man’s having innovated education and religion to control and regulate himself. Even Jesus the Christ was nailed on the cross by his own people whom he promised to save from sins. The Judas Iscariots among us still walk in their honorable robes and alluring titles of “honorable men”. Ultimately, the Filipino masses are the ones who are stabbed by the Brutuses. []

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