Sen. Escudero blocks Board Member Perete’s LP nomination as house bet

Sorsogon First District Board Member Atty. Arnulfo Perete. Contributed Photo
Sorsogon First District Board Member Atty. Arnulfo Perete. Contributed Photo

By Angel Ayala and Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

PILAR, Sorsogon ( – The intervention of Senator Chiz Escudero in national politics played a big part in the bid of three-termer Board Member Atty. Arnulfo Perete to secure the Liberal Party nomination as its congressional bet in the First District of Sorsogon. This was the revelation of Atty. Perete in an interview with

The seasoned lawyer was given a cold review by the national hierarchy of the Liberal Party because of the lobbying of the senator to free the district from a strong political contender for the congress seat, which according to Perete is being eyed by the mother of the senator.

Chiz has been a known ally and good friend of President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino.

Party officials and staff from the Liberal Party national headquarters confided to Atty. Perete that Escudero requested that the Liberal Party’s leadership will not field a candidate for congress in the First District of Sorsogon.

Perete added, that an LP official told him, “Pasensya ka na atorni, ganyan talaga ang pulitika”.

With the development, Atty. Perete said, “It does not pay to be a loyal party-member”.

Perete has been a member of Liberal Party since 1962 together with former President DiosdadoMacapagal and held different positions in the party.  He stressed in believing so much in the party’s ideals that he never entertained moving to another party despite persuasions from controlling and popular parties during its difficult times.

When asked what  his plans are, Perete said that he will still run as congressman in the first district to promote political change in the province and enact legislative measures that are beneficial to the citizenry. Particularly, he said, “[T]hat we should have a leader not only coming from one clan, but a new leader who the masses can identify with”.

Perete also revealed that “transactional politics” deprives Sorsoganons of true public servants.   He alludes to the likes of the late Secretary Jessie Robredo as a model in public service.

He despises the fact that Senator Chiz together with his cohorts, almost single-handedly draw the political landscape here in the province.

For a long time, the Escuderos represent the first district of Sorsogon, now the widow of the late Salvador Escudero is being re-mastered by the senator to bag the said congressional seat. []

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