Don’t ask fiesta donations from politician, Church tells faithful

Father Rex Paul B. Arjona. Photo courtesy of Ucanews
Father Rex Paul B. Arjona. Photo courtesy of Ucanews

LEGAZPI CITY (02-Oct-2012/PNA) – In time with the start of the filing of certificates of candidacy (COC) at the Commission on Elections for aspirants for various local and national positions in next year elections, the Diocese of Legazpi has warned its flock in Albay province to do away with seeking donations for fiesta celebrations and other church-related activities from politicians.

Fr. Rex Arjona, Legazpi Diocese in-charge for print and broadcast operations and media relations, said in a recent meeting with journalists that especially those who have filed the COCs, “they are often willing to ‘share’ for church-related activities”.

The Church warned its flock donations for religious activities must not be made a vehicle for politicians to promote their political aspirations.

“We do not judge politicians as all corrupt. There are good politicians, who even without an upcoming election or prior to their assumption of public office were supportive to the Church. We, however, tell our devotees that this election period we must not let politicians exploit us or for them to exploit politicians,” Arjona said.

In time with the start of the official filing of candidacy yesterday, Arjona said the local diocese has also started its meeting with key persons, individuals and groups supportive of the Catholic faith to lay out its 2013 Plan of Activities.

“The whole October until December of this year, we are into planning the activities for next year under the guidance of Bishop Joel Baylon centered on his three-priority targets; family, the youth and the poor,” he said.

The upcoming 2013 Elections shall be among the other priorities in the planning of activities especially, according to Arjona, on the church’s advocacy for honest, peaceful and orderly elections. (PNA)


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