Media man accused by rights group for protecting Cam Norte governor

Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo Tallado. Contributed Photo
Camarines Norte Edgardo Tallado. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

DAET, Camarines Norte ( – A media practitioner was singled out by a human rights group for allegedly instilling trouble in a militants rally in front of the provincial capitaol in this provicne, a move that was designed to protect the Governor from the militants protest.

Cited for alleged conducting machinations to disrupt the militants protest is a media practitioner connected with the Radyo-ng-Bayan Daet.

KARAPATAN- Bicol said a manifesto against Governor Tallado was circulated among the protesters, making the act to appear that the manifestos were distributed by the protesters.

The human rights group said it cast doubt on the claims of the media man who claimed that the manifestos were the handiwork of the Governor’s political enemies and that the protesters ranks were infiltrated.

The resulting trouble that disrupted the protestors rally in front of the Capitol also coincided with the arrival of an Army truck that added more tension on the protesters.

Militants claimed the disruption of the rally was “designed to save the Governor from public embarrasment” owing to the Governor’s role as chair of the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC), a position which cause-oriented groups have claimed to have dirtied the Governor’s hands in the government’s anti-insurgency campaign’.

KARAPATAN have repeatedly blew the whistle on the rising cases of human rights abuses on civilians during the military’s anti-insurgency operations, and the rights group has singled out Governor Tallado as allegledy tolerating the incidents of rights abuses.

The protesters has mounted the rally to commemorate the imposition of Martial Law on September 21, an event that was aired over the media days before.

The groups wanted to hear the side of the Governor on the rising cases of human rights abuses committed in his province, specifically the towns of Labo, Capalonga, Jose Panganiban, Paracale and others, and his failure to halt human ruights abuses as chair of RPOC. []

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