Police to probe slay try on Sorsogon broadcaster

Ramil 'Doods' Marianito, station manager of Radio Natin Sorsogon and WOW FM in Bulan, Sorsogon. BICOLTODAY.COM FILE PHOTO
Ramil ‘Doods’ Marianito, station manager of Radio Natin Sorsogon and WOW FM in Bulan, Sorsogon. BICOLTODAY.COM FILE PHOTO

By Angel Ayala

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com/29-Sept-2012) – The National Union of Journalists of the Philippine (NUJP) Sorsogon Chapter has asked the police to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation on the alleged slay attempt on a broadcaster here.

In an interview, police chief inspector Nonito Marquez, police community relations said, that they will look into the reported harassment of Mr. Ramil ‘Doods’ Marianito, whether the incident is work related or not.

Marquez gave assurance they will conduct a thorough investigation to find out who are the suspects and the motive of harassment of the said broadcaster.

Meanwhile, Robert Labalan, chair NUJP Sorsogon Chapter had sought audience with police authorities to give a clear picture on the reported harassment to Mr. Marianito, and for the police to conduct an impartial investigation.

Ramil Marianito, station manager of Radio Natin in Sorsogon City and the WOW FM in Bulan town, complained to police authorities about being harassed and tailed on Sunday afternoon by 6 unidentified armed men riding-in- tandem in 3 motorcycles at the Maharlika Highway in Barangay (village) Salvacion, Irosin town in Sorsogon.

In an interview, Marianito said he, his wife and three children including an office staff were on board a Toyota Vios car he was driving as they were on their way home from Bulan town to Sorsogon City last Sunday.

He said as they were negotiating the highway in Irosin town at about 4:30 Sunday afternoon, when he noticed that 3 motorcycles, with 6 men riding in tandem, were tailing them.

He said one of the motorcycles overtook them, and a gunman poked a .45 caliber handgun. Reaching the road junction of Irosin and Casiguran town boundaries, he found the motor-riding armed men partially blocking the highway.

Marianito said he sped up that led to a chase as he entered the town of Casiguran. The armed men following them suddenly disappeared from sight.

He immediately asked for police assistance in the town proper and logged the incident at the police blotter. [BicolToday.com/With reports from PNA]

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