Suspicion of foul play on Robredo plane crash lingers

The late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY ( – Suspicion of foul play involved in Robredo plane crash had made the rounds in this city during Secretary Robredo’s wake, but nobody tried to bring it over the media for lack of credibility.

The controversy over reports this week about Local Government and Interior Undersecretary Puno in trying to enter the late Secretary Jesse Robredo’s office and condo, while the Secretary laid in State were already circulating in the grapevine in Naga’s social and political circles during his wake in August.

Even had heard the rumors going the rounds during Robredo’s wake , but it decided not to post them owing to observance and adherence to journalism ethics and factual reporting.

The theory of foul play in the tragic plane crash was already trending in Naga’s gossip circles, and this correspondent had heard the rumors, but decided not to write about them since they were hearsay and unbelievable. During that week when Naga City was mourning for its former mayor of 18 years, Robredo loyalists were floating the idea of “foul play” and plane engine sabotage.

Among the rumors were that the aircraft was used or rented by Undersecretary Puno on that early morning before the late afternoon plane crash, and that Robredo was informed that the plane was already ready for him to fly him to Naga, even though he had not confirmed his intention to go to Naga on that fateful afternoon.

Some of these stories were not reported by the media over the week, but stories about the attempted visits, the secret investigations conducted by the Secretary on the firearms deal which linked the Undersecretary’s office, the faction brewing between the Roxas and Puno groups in the Aquino government in which Robredo was linked up with the Roxas faction, and the anti-Robredo lobby in the Commission on Appointments had already came out this first week of September..

Some Robredo insiders during the wake claimed the plane engine was sabotaged to silence the Secretary from digging deeper into the institutionalized corruption in the Philippine National Police.

“Modern propeller-driven airplanes are designed not to nose-dive or crash head-on, and that they were designed to be glided for safe landing in case of engine failure,” said a Robredo loyalist during the wake at the Archbishop’s Palace. “How come the plane’s wing ripped apart and broke up during its crash?”

The plane crash survivor, policeman- aide Abrazado, was reported as the text-mate of Undersecretary Puno during that fateful day. Some doubted the aide’s loyalty, questioning on why Abrazado was reporting directly to Puno. []


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