City traffic code before year-end, says councilor Baldon

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SORSOGON CITY (10-Sept-2012) – The chairman of the Committee on Transportation of the 4th city council of Sorsogon promised during a dialog with affected transport group that a city traffic code will be pass before the year ends to replaced the ninety days dry-run traffic scheme of Executive Order No.14-2012 issued on August 14, this year by the city mayor.

During the dialog, the councilor admitted that there are a lot of things to be considered in crafting the traffic ordinance for they have to weigh the pros and cons on how to best serve the interest of all stakeholders.

“It was the request of Mayor Dioneda that a traffic code be pass consolidating the ordinances of then Sorsogon and Bacon, doing it is challenging and we at the city council are doing our best to craft the ordinance before the year-ends.

He said, EO 14 was issued consonant with the operation of public transport terminals after completion of the moribund Sorsogon Shopping Center and the Sorsogon Grand Terminal. The basement of the SSC will house the tricycle terminal and at SGT in Barangay Balogo will be the terminal for jeepney, vans and buses. The transfer will decongest the city center and centralize the parking areas of publci transport vehicles.

Admitting that there are certain provisions of municipal ordinance which the EO suspended, he reasoned that public interest is paramount when Dioneda temporarily suspended it. This was the same reason of City Administrator Ireneo Manaois.

The EO is to lapse on November 14 this year, that’s why I have already submitted to the plenary for first reading the proposed City Traffic Code. []

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