Traffic re-routing scheme to be reviewed

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SORSOGON CITY (4-Sept-2012) – The issuance of Executive Order No. 14-2012 by City Mayor Leovic Dioneda affecting the traffic routes of motor vehicles in the downtown area is expected to create opposition and disarray not only to public transport drivers but also with the public.

This was admitted by city administrator Ireneo Manaois saying that transport groups and the riding public will re-adjust and familiarize the new he scheme, He expects that in a week time it will normalize. The administrator confided that gathering will continue for it will be the basis in crafting a city traffic code the year ends.

The lack of a city traffic code saddled transport group and business sector. The city traffic regulations are based on the municipal ordinances of Sorsogon and Bacon towns prior to its merging as Sorsogon City.

Knowing this concern, the issuance of the EO is deemed necessary for there must be a cohesive traffic planning for the volume of public transport is increasing and the city is a gateway to northbound buses for Visayas and Mindanao. That is why, the city center must be free from buses and cargo trucks on specific times, the administrator said.

Queried if the EO suspends certain provisions of Sorsogon municipal ordinance, he answer positive.”There is a need for this, it will be properly amended upon the passage of a city traffic code”.

To implement the scheme, traffic enforcers were brief and positioned on strategic places to monitor and guide public transport operators and the riding public, appropriate signage were in-placed and an information drive was launched in the broadcast media.

Because of the new scheme, the traffic advisory council created by the EO will put to good use the data collated for it was an assurance from the city administrator that the scheme is but a dry run for ninety days, and within that period amendments can be introduce to strengthen the system.

On the other hand, reactions from the affected sectors are varied. []

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