Keep RH Bill Out & Pinoy Clergy Just Pray

Rallyists bats for Reproductive Health Bill. Contributed Photo
Rallyists bats for Reproductive Health Bill. Contributed Photo

Keep RH Bill Out & Pinoy  Clergy Just Pray

Let Alone God’s Hands Be Potter in Women’s Wombs

By Emil S. Saavedra

You are the lyre in Jesus’ hands. He alone of right touches it with His Divine fingers…

   St. Therese of Child Jesus

We Bicolanos refer to the first Sunday of Lent as “Domingo de Ramos” during which the Catholic faithful bring palm or coconut leaves to the Holy Mass that commemorates Christ’s triumphal entry to Jerusalem. Biblical accounts say Jesus on this special event was this time borne by a donkey while the people were jubilant strewing flowers and palm leaves on the way and were singing and hollering “Glory to the Son of David… Hallelujah! Hosanna in the Highest!”

But according to a sharp eyed vigilant Jew, many did not notice that the donkey was joyfully smiling ear-to-ear. The creature felt elated and was ecstatic about his feet not touching the ground but on beds of flowers and palm leaves along the way, as the animal’s large ears swayed upon hearing the singing and jubilation of the mammoth crowd jamming the Messiah.

At a Bishop synod held in the Vatican sometime in 1999, an African prelate related this donkey account of the Jew and exhorted the gathering: “And so let us not act and walk around in our respective dioceses like this donkey smiling ear-to-ear with the Messiah on its back .”

At the time the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) was filed in Congress and sailed into the country’s legislative mill, the Philippine Clergy began mouthing invectives and threats against political figures who are supporting the RH Bill. One such serious threat was to call for People Power should the RH Bill prosper. The first to suffer incarceration by authorities was this certain Carlos Celdran who last year staged a one-man protest brandishing a placard containing the words “PADRE DAMASO” during an on-going mass inside the historic Manila Cathedral. Fray Damaso was Rizal’s concoction in his best-seller book “Noli Me Tangere’ exposing the heartbreaking excesses of the clergy during the Spanish times.

         On the other hand, our government which had been alerted by world demographers that the country has exceeded the normal rate of population growth, has regarded over-population as the major cause of widespread poverty and suffering of the people in the countryside. Most public officials led by President Noynoy himself are now bent on passing this RH Bill that proposes stringent birth control program and measures. The Clergy all the more went berserk and have used Church power and influence in the Catholic faithful to oppose the bill.

Indeed, as the State and the Clergy (not the Church, because the laity is distinct from the clergy) clash over the issues on birth control, both are unwittingly intruding into strictly human nature and Divine domain, into the deepest realms of man and his Creator. God’s hands alone are the perfect potter of human beings inside every woman’s womb. Both the Clergy and the people running governments the world over are mere human beings whose spheres of undertaking just revolve around their human capabilities seeking perfection which is of course God’s dominion. They cannot even be relied upon on matters pertaining to the obtaining environmental menace such as the “Global Warming”. How much more on the more complicated human nature—both are surely vulnerable to commit mistakes and egregious mess and schisms.

Every woman and her would-be child are certainly in God’s hands and whatever decision is reached, it is well within the God’s omnipresence, regardless of religious doctrines, nor of government decrees. God as perfect potter created an Abraham Lincoln and Jose Rizal. Such basic inalienable right, otherwise known as human rights, are classified into choosing whom to marry, choosing whom to have sex with, choosing the birth of a child, or choosing to abort the child or not. These are intrinsically and most quintessentially basic—God-given—human rights. They are as unique as the free will God granted to Adam and Eve and to the entire humanity.

To reiterate, will you allow the Church and State to decide for you whom to yank to the altar for marriage, or should you ask these institutions with whom to have sex and make babies?  How indeed could the corrupt jackals and the morons in Congress legislate properly and morally the destiny of babies still inside the woman’s womb? Like the controversial passage of the Epira Law, their votes are not for the country’s sake but most often for the highest bidders!

In the recent book I wrote, I have asserted that “there are places in a democracy where government doesn’t belong. That’s one, or probably the main, reason why the right to privacy is so enshrined in the Constitution to shield it from being encroached into by statutes and ordinances.

“There are some more where government hands should keep out, like the activism against collusion of public offices with corrupt business, or infringement of the most private decisions of couples to practice birth control or the resolve of unmarried women resorting to abortion. (Richard North Patterson, Protect and Defend, 2000)

“Concededly, regardless of religious beliefs, legislation should stay away from tinkering with the fate of an unborn child.  Is it within the power of the state to pass judgment whether or not the mother be indicted for preventing its birth? Suppose the birth would impair vital organs, or worse cause the death of the mother?

“This is what we mean by places where government doesn’t belong. It seemed diametrically wrong for people in public offices to think highly of themselves and assume they can wield absolute power over all resources—human or natural—available in their sight. Without regard for public accountability, it is in this indiscretion and peccadillo where evil in government is spawned and given wings…”


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