LKY Group Opens Sorsogon Grand Terminal

Newly constructed Sorsogon City Grand Terminal. PHOTO BY ENGR. WILFREDO GETULIO P. RODRIGUEZ III
Newly constructed Sorsogon City Grand Terminal. PHOTO BY ENGR. WILFREDO GETULIO P. RODRIGUEZ III


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – The much anticipated operation of the transport terminal here will give the commuting public the accessibility, convenience and easy comfort while waiting for public transport.

This was asserted by Jay Odina, operation head of the Sorsogon Grand Terminal at Barangay Balogo, this city. The SGT is located in a 14- hectare property of LKY Group, a privately- owned property developer which has taken bold steps in redefining city planning. The location is easily accessible in all directions from the city proper which is less than a kilometer away.

Occupying (50) fifty- thousand square meters, the grand terminal is designed to be the backbone of city transport services, so far the biggest and most modern terminal in Bicolandia.

Made of steel structure, the complex will house four bays for the parking of jeepneys and vans. The main terminal offers commercial stalls, ticketing booths, parking areas for provincial and metro manila buses, including a parking area for private vehicles, a well maintained rest room and a spacious waiting area for passengers.

The early tenants, which include a bakers den, a food court, drugstore, pawnshop, and a leading commercial bank, shall have the service of an automatic teller machine, and to ensure safety and orderliness a (24) twenty -four hour security service is on hand. Not to be left behind is the janitorial and porterage services to assist passengers. It offers a potable water service connections. To ensure safety, the complex designed an embedded electrical lines for the gray and white structure.

Expected to use the new pride of Sorsogon City are the Sorsogon City Transport Operators comprising the jeepney routes of Bulan, Matnog, Sta. Magdalena, Magallanes, Legazpi, Gubat, Bacon, Irosin, Casiguran and Juban. Estimated total parking in any given day at the terminal is one hundred fifty units. The same with the provincial bus operators plying the Bulan-Sorsogon-Legazpi route, the terminal will be their new home. Vans plying the Daraga-Legazpi route will use the complex as their dispatch point.

Constructing the complex was not an easy task for the LKY Group of Wilbert Lee who invested heavily for the project. It took his engineering team almost two years to finish the structural works. They have to contend with the elements, government regulations, and unforeseen events turning, once an empty (14) fourteen hectare, into a prime commercial facility which is now the most sought-after business address here.

As Chief Operating Officer and Board Chairman of LKY Group, Wilbert Lee’s business foresight is a class of its own. Nurturing the company started by his late father, Lee King Yek, the company has grown leaps and bounds in scale unimaginable, even his most ardent critic feels flat in silence.

This is the second terminal venture of his company after the Legazpi City Integrated Terminal, now on its fourth year of operation. The SGT was constructed, in same time with the renovation of the moribund Sorsogon Shopping Center at downtown Magsaysay Street where its basement will become the permanent terminal of city trimobiles. His other centerpiece projects were four- star hotels, The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi City and The Oriental of Leyte, now both operating in style. []

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