Emotional reception greets arrival of body of Capt. Bahinting

Captain Jessup Bahinting. Photo courtesy of Kamisulat.blogspot.com
Captain Jessup Bahinting. Photo courtesy of Kamisulat.blogspot.com


CEBU CITY (23-Aug-2012/PNA) – The body of Capt. Jessup Bahinting, pilot of the ill-fated six-seater Piper Seneca plane carrying Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo which crashed in Masbate seas, arrived in Cebu Thursday morning to an emotional reception from his family, fellow pilots and friends.

The body of Bahinting, placed in a body bag, arrived at the the Mactan Cebu International Airport on board a chartered Beechcraft plane from another aviation company. Aviatour voluntarily suspended operations of all aircraft pending inspections by government regulators.

At the same time, the body of his Nepalese co-pilot, Kshitiz Chand, also arrived Cebu Thursday afternoon in a separate chartered flight.

The body of Bahinting, chairman and CEO of Aviatour, was retrieved Wednesday from the ruins of the plane. His brother, Orson Bahinting, identified the pilot’s body. Chand’s body was recovered Thursday morning.

Bahinting’s body was immediately taken to the St. Peter’s Funeral Home in Cebu City where a funeral service was set Thursday evening.

Bahinting’s wife Margarita said the wake will be held for three days at St. Peter Funeral Homes in Cebu City, followed by a two-day wake in Ginatilan town.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Cebu City Council approved a resolution expressing its sympathy to the families of Capt. Bahinting and Secretary Robredo.

“We join our fellow Filipinos as the entire nation deeply grieves for the loss of one of the most highly respected and credible leaders the country has ever had,” the resolution drafted by Councilor Alvin Dizon read.

It also commended Bahinting for “several heroic acts”, including his role in saving the life of a Cebu City zoo worker last week.

Bahinting sent one of his airplanes to Camiguin Island to pick up the anti-venom needed to save the worker from snakebite.(PNA)


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