School teacher believes K-12 education spawns new challenges

RONALD L. ARCA: "K-12 education is challenge among teachers to be creative and innovative in program success implementation." CONTRIBUTED PHOTO
RONALD L. ARCA: “K-12 education is challenge among teachers to be creative and innovative in program success implementation.” CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

TIGAON, Camarines Sur ( – Implementation of K-12 education program has caused additional stress on the country’s public school teachers, rendering hardship among teachers in coping up with policy guidelines and teaching outlines being issued by the Department of Education (DepEd). But, K-12 has offered bigger challenges to teachers in program implementation.

“It is also the challenge among teachers to implement in creative ways, and use innovative techniques to promote learner development,” said Ronald L. Arca.

According to Teacher Arca, the school year 2012 is the implementation of K-12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC). Many of the teachers from Grade 1 and up, are really hard -pressed, pressured, and they suffer difficulties to cope up with policy guidelines to execute in their actual teaching the outlines being issued by DepEd.

“Being a teacher, I can’t avoid, and just let pass a moment without questioning , and sometimes, to remain silent on the issue,” Arca said. “Many are not aware of this K-12 program, that is why when we address this to the parents of our pupils during the opening of classes last month of June, the new design curriculum was alien to them.”

Arca is a public school elementary Grade 4 teacher in Libod Elementary School, Tigaon, Camarines Sur. In 2004, he earned his Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision at Partido College, Goa. He also graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Laws at the University of Nueva Caceres in 2010, aside from an Education degree he acquired earlier, before becoming a teacher.

The new education curriculum has caused controversy among teachers and parents during the opening of classes in June. Some doubted if the new policy will attain program success, while education proponents have argued that K-12 will ensure the Filipino students to become globally competitive since most countries had long adapted longer years in elementary education for students to equip them for high school and college education.

The implementation has spawned doubts among stakeholders in the local education system. Is K-12 really an experiment? How much study was poured into this K to 12 program of education in the Philippines, and how intensive was the deliberation among education experts before its promulgation into a new education policy?

“I respect DepEd in crafting new education approach to our prevailing gaps in the education system, and I believe this will lead to fruitful realization for highly literate Filipino generations in the next coming years,” he said.

However, Arca took note that poverty-stricken parents and students are carrying heavy burdens in pursuing education, becoming victims to society’s complex problems.

“These lapses and gaps still prevent the country from competing globally in education, but we hope the new curriculum will attain the vision and mission of DepEd,” he stressed. []

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