Gay jokes on videos of CamSur Gov. Villafuerte

Former Camarines Sur Governot LRay Villafuerte. Contributed Photo
Camarines Sur Governot LRay Villafuerte. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

PILI, Camarines Sur ( – Camarines Sur Governor L-Ray Villafuerte has been the subject of gossips and ridicule for being branded as “gay” and allegedly coming out as a “closet queen”.

The news about the Governor having finally coming into terms “about his other self” in his secured closet has been making waves in the social media network, titillating the gay net communities as a welcome initiation ritual for him finally coming out from the cold.

Netizens have delighted upon the sight of the Governor in uploaded videos at the YouTube, while some made nasty comments about the public official, while others defended him. The videos were uploaded last week after the Senate committee public hearing on the partition of the province held August 2 in Naga City. The videos were taken during the hearing.

The videos have been observed as “trending” among gossip circles in the social networks at the web. These can be viewed at YouTube at

Social media network netizens reported the videos about the Governor, already trending, might hit sky-high in viewership on the next coming days.

Among Provincial Capitol employees, gossips have already been making the rounds about the Governor, but these were downplayed as concocted “products of political gimmickry” by political opponents.

Governor Villafuerte has been going around in provincial visitations as a “tough guy” surrounded by an army of bodyguards since the time he assumed post. []

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