Salceda urges LGUs to intensify efforts to achieve 100% literacy rate

Albay Governor Joey Salceda (Contributed Photo)
Albay Governor Joey Salceda (Contributed Photo)

LEGAZPI CITY (05-Aug-2012/PNA) – Albay governor Joey Salceda called on the local officials in the province to intensify their efforts to attain the goal of providing universal access to primary education by 2015.

This was in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals 2 (MDG2) target 3 of which the provincial government aims to achieve 100 percent participation rate and cohort-survival rate and literacy rate of 15-24 years old.

Salcedo expressed his apprehension on the “very low probability of achieving MDG-2 targets in elementary and secondary participation rate with an average rate of progress of 0.28% and 0.34%, respectively.”

The cohort survival rate slightly declined; I elementary and secondary level at a average rate of progress of 0.305 and 0.13% respectively, he explained.

Salceda strongly believed that education is not the sole responsibility of the school but also by other stakeholders.

“We should establish and sustain collaborative efforts in attaining zero illiteracy in 2015,” Salcedo said as he urged members of the Sangguniang barangay (barangay council) to create Barangay Kasangga sa Edukasyon or BAKAS, as sub-committee in the Local Education Committee under the Sanggguniang Panlalawigan of Albay resolution number 2011-033.

He stressed “that literacy is a fundamental right of all and a vital factor in empowering people and communities towards meaningful, safe and shared development.”

“There is a need to inculcate the value of literacy and education to ascertain resiliency in Albay community,” he stressed

The provincial government of Albay is providing award and recognition to deserving individual and communities demonstrating passion and exemplary contribution in eradicating illiteracy yearly.

To further promote the importance of education and literay, Governor Salceda issued proclamation number 2012-08, declaring the second week of September as “Albay Literacy Week.”


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