Kabataan’s Rep. Palatino condemns hazing – part of culture of impunity

Marc Andrei Marcos. Contributed Photo
Marc Andrei Marcos. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY (BicolToday.com) – Kabataan Partylist Representative Raymond Palatino cited hazing as another form of activity under the perpetration of a culture of fear, violence and impunity in schools and communities by groups which claim to uphold genuine brotherhood.

Representative Palatino sympathized with the family of Marc Andrei Marcos, a San Beda law student who died as a result of fraternity hazing last July 30.

In his privilege speech August 1 at the House of Representatives, Representative Palatino considered hazing as accepted norm in civilized society. He cited the Association of Law Students of the Philippines-NCR which aptly puts it, “Brotherhood can never be measured and sealed through the use of paddles and fists in a gruesome ritual, using it against the same persons they dare to eventually call brothers. It is a farce, if not a mockery of the civilized society and the legal community to consider hazing as a form of accepted convention just so that an aspiring brother may be given the privilege of being part of these organizations.”

Photo courtesy of Bulatlat.com

“To perpetuate the culture of violence is tantamount to tolerating patriarchal and macho violence and aggression,” declared Rep. Palatino. “We also call upon school administrators and authorities not to wash their hands on such cases, and instead be instrumental in enforcing the rule of law.”

He said the continuing proliferation of fraternity-related violence and the lack of convictions for perpetrators is a reflection of a society that condones a culture of impunity; a society where human rights violators run free and political activists get caught behind bars.

“To resolve this issue, we must remind our youth of the real value of organizations – and that is to band together for a common cause that will ultimately benefit, and not downgrade, society,” he said, informing BicolToday.com by email.

“The challenge at hand for legislators, administrators and the youth, is not merely to eradicate fraternity-related violence and punish the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. Rather, it is more pressing for us to enact laws and create projects that would enable the creation of a culture of collective action, a culture that would empower our youth to become free and capable to participate in activities that contribute to relevant and pressing issues of society,” he stressed. [BicolToday.com]

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