Hotel with messy service

Tigaon, Camarines Sur. Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
Tigaon, Camarines Sur. Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

TIGAON, Camarines Sur (5-Aug-2012) – The young lovers entered the hotel room to spend a short time to release their amorous desires. They were shocked to find out that the bedding had yellowish stains and still had wet spots, obviously not fresh and clean from the laundry. They concluded the bedding was used by the previous occupants an hour earlier, and the hotel management did not bother to send it to the laundry.

The young lovers decided not to complain to the management for fear of embarrassment and to avoid scandal. This is one of the stories told over and over again here by hotel customers. The story also mentioned minor girls with male companions being allowed inside the hotel. And, the hotel tolerate the practice for easy profits.

Towns officials never bother to investigate and they prefer not to be bothered by such sticky issues.

Nearby, the lounge and the grill bar are favorite hangouts of shady characters, like illegal drug pushers and users, pick-up girls and pimps. Most decent visitors and tourists avoid patronizing the place, and looked for more decent and clean places outside the town, or somewhere else.

The hotel is one example on how the government fails to crack the whip in setting quality service standards in the small town hotel industry. Despite big statements from the government about tourism and increasing tourist arrivals, quality of hotel service, cleanliness and hygiene are big problems the government must solve.

The failure of government to conduct regular inspection on hotel services and customer policies has enabled small town hotels, like this one, to continue engaging in profitable business at the expense of public health and morality.

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