City vet office conduct info drive for dog owners

Dr. Alexander Destura, Sorsogon City Veterinary Office Head
Dr. Alexander Destura, Sorsogon City Veterinary Office Head Reportorial Staff

SORSOGON CITY (29-July-2012) – True to the saying that a dog is a man’s friend, he City Veterinary office recently conducted an info drive in raising the pets emphasizing the proper care and techniques to avoid risking the health of their pet dogs and for the owners family welfare.

The drive became the highlight of the anti-rabbies campaign under Dr. Alexander Destura whose office is bent in reducing the number of city residents who were treated for rabies infection. The city vet explained that caring pets properly is a must for diseases carried by pets can be transmitted to its owners and it will be worrisome to families.

It is necessary the pet dogs must be properly lease, given clean drinking water, their cages cleaned, must be given proper food for them to sustain the harsh climate conditions. They are susceptible to respiratory disease.

In the same info drive, Destura warned dog owners who allow their pets to roam freely in public places that City Veterinary personnel are conducting rounds to impound stray dogs. Retrieving it at the city pound will be an added cost to its owner.

He stressed that stray dog are hard to tag especially if they victimized passersby, the responsibility of the owner becomes critical. He advised them to cage their pets and submit it for anti-rabies vaccination. []


  1. Dito po sa villa alegre, bgy roro, maraming asong gala, it bothers me a lot kasi ginagawa nilang CR ang harap ng bahay namin at pati sasakyan ko lavatory… sana may maligaw dito na dog impounder, it will be a big help to those who are irritated by these dogs specially my family… thanks


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