NDFP admits Maita Gomez as comrade, former beauty queen turned rebel

Former beauty queen Maita Gomez (center). Photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan
Former beauty queen Maita Gomez (center). Photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY (BicolToday.com/18-July-2012) – The underground movement admitted on Sunday (July 15) that former beauty queen Maita Gomez who died few days ago was a highly dedicated member of the revolutionary movement in the legal front.

In 2008, Gomez was one of the first members of BabaLa! Babae Laban sa Katiwalian (Women Against Corruption). In 2009, she was elected Co-Chairperson of the Makabayan Coalition together with Satur Ocampo. She was co-founder of GABRIELA in 1984.

The Netherlands-based National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) admitted that Gomez never stopped fighting for the Philippine revolution and the liberation for women.

Maita Gomez was Miss Philippines in 1967, before she joined the underground movement.

“For more than forty years, Kasamang Maita Gomez, never stopped fighting for the Philippine revolution and the liberation of women. Inspired by the First Quarter Storm of 1970, she took up intensive historical, social and Marxist-Leninist studies. Even before the declaration of martial law, she was a prominent member of the Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA, Free Movement of New Women) which was founded by Lorena Barros. When martial law was declared in September 1972, she decided to join the revolutionary underground,” said the NDFP in emailed statement.

NDFP said that “in her desire to live among the masses, she insisted in being deployed to the countryside. Assigned to the Cordillera area, she was arrested and detained in Baguio. However, she escaped with the help of a military officer who brought her out of detention.”

Gomez was assigned to an armed propaganda unit of the New People’s Army in Central Luzon with her beloved Joey Decena who died as a martyr in an armed encounter with the reactionary armed forces.

Later, she was again arrested and detained. After sometime in prison as a political prisoner, she was released. She continued her revolutionary activity in the legal democratic movement. In 1984, she became a co-founder of GABRIELA, the militant and broadest women’s organization in the country. In 1985, she was also one of the principal leaders of Women for the Ouster of Marcos and Boycott (WOMB).

She co-founded in 1986 the first ever women’s political party, Kababaihan para sa Inang Bayan (KAIBA, Women for the Motherland).

“Kasamang Maita was very visible in militant marches and rallies against the Marcos dictatorship and successive reactionary regimes. She inspired the masses and the middle forces with her uncompromising and fearless stand,” said NDFP.

“We are enlightened by the writings and deeds of revolutionary women leaders like Clara Zetkin and Aleksandra Kollontai and inspired by the heroic examples of Gabriela Silang, Melchora Aquino and other revolutionary Filipino women leaders. We are guided by.Mao’s teaching that the women hold up half of the sky. The activists of the Student Cultural Association of the University of the Philippines, the Women’s Bureau of Kabataang Makabayan and the women in the labor unions, peasant associations and professional circles carried forward the progressive role of women,” said Jose Maria Sison earlier, by email, upon learning of Maita’s death.

“Maita was inspired and energized by the First Quarter Storm of 1970. She wanted to be a revolutionary. And she availed of the opportunities in sight for learning about the revolution. Thus, she was drawn towards Makibaka. But she had more comprehensive and intensive studies on Marxism-Leninism and Philippine society and revolution in the Humanist League of the Philippines which was a small and laid-back group in the University of the Philippines, under the influence of the Cultural Bureau of the Communist Party of the Philippines,” said Sison.

“We in the NDFP Negotiating Panel are deeply saddened by her sudden death due to cardiac arrest. We convey our heartfelt condolences to her five children, other family members, her comrades and numerous friends. We shall always remember her invaluable contributions to advance the Philippine revolution and the liberation of women. Her unrelenting revolutionary commitment through more than forty years of her outstanding life, shall be a source of inspiration for the present and future generations of revolutionaries,” said the NDFP statement, signed by Luis Jalandoni, Chairperson, NDFP negotiating panel; Jose Maria Sison, NDFP chief political consultant; Fidel Agcaoili, Vice-Chair; Romeo Capulong, chief legal consultant; Julieta de Lima: Vicente Ladlad; Coni Ledesma; Danilo Borjal; Ruth de Leon; and Asterio Palima. [BicolToday.com]

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