Mayor Dioneda release cash assistance to differently able school children

Mayor Leovic Dioneda delivers his message during the opening of Sorsogon City fiesta 2012 activities yesterday (June 26, 2012). PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM
Sorsogon City Mayor Leovic Dioneda.  PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM Reportorial Staff

SORSOGON CITY (12-July-2012) – Cognizant of the importance of differently able individuals especially the children that they are productive individuals, City Mayor Leovic Dioneda assisted by Mae Esta of City Social Welfare Office distr ibuted financial assistance to close one hundred pupils enrolled at Sorsogon East Central School Special Education Center.

The center is the only DepEd facility attending the needs of visually impaired, mentally challenged and hearing impaired school children in Sorsogon Province.
Mayor Dioneda handed the checks of one thousand pesos each to the beaming pupils in the presence of the center specially trained teachers witnessed by the parents of the recepient.

In his short remarks, the Mayor, speaking in vernacular, was inspirational saying that all is not lost for them and promised that he will continue in supporting the program.

The timing of the cash assistance became meaningful since later this month the celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week will be celebrated.

It was a moving scene for the eagerness to be normal as possible are all etched in the tenderness of the faces of the youngsters enrolled at the center. Oblivious of their disability, they as any other kid in the neighborhood are vibrant and their enthusiasms are contagious, their pride, so visible and their eagerness to move forward are not long to wait.

Some of the parents were in tears for the journey of their children to normalcy has now become an agenda in the administration of Dioneda. []

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