I may do it alone against Gov. Lee – Mayor Dioneda

Mayor Leovic Dioneda delivers his message during the opening of Sorsogon City fiesta 2012 activities yesterday (June 26, 2012). PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM
Mayor Leovic Dioneda delivers his message during the opening of Sorsogon City fiesta 2012 activities yesterday (June 26, 2012). PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com/27-June-2012) – The mood of City Mayor Leovic Dioneda in his rattling of the camp of Governor Raul Lee has not change a bit, it even become more acidic when he said that in an all out scenario he may even do it all alone to face the Lee’s in an election.

This was his confirmation when asked if he will be subordinated to Senator Chiz Escudero to mend political fences with Governor Lee as the result of actions of the trusted people of the governor.

The confluence of events and actions, the mayor said, is not a handiwork of a small mind, but that of a mind who wants to gobble everything in its path, disregarding political tranquility and opting to see things eye for an eye.

He opened his pandora box of truth that he was silent to present the unity but still was subjected to insidious propaganda beginning with the poison letter and the politically motivated cases filed against him at the Ombudsman.

The mayor rattled that he is not keen on talking with lesser mortals in Lee’s camp referring to City Vice-Mayor Robert Ante-Lee Rodrigueza on the latter’s intention to hear his sentiments but cut short in saying that soon he will be talking with the governor.

Such pronouncement revealed the fighting mood of the city mayor and even snide’s at the absences of the vice-mayor.
Was it a case of envy for I was able to steer the city acceptability with the private investor’s? I made what is necessary for the development and progress of the city which they sorely missed during their time at city hall, adding that what they took was the ownership of the lot fronting the city hall, more of personal interest than people’s welfare.

Now, they are putting trenches to straddle me, they are under pressure to unseat me in all fronts for they do’nt have the capable lieutenants to reign after their time, referring to city vice-mayor Rodrigueza and his son, SK City Federation President Patrick Rodrigueza, the mayor said lack the acumen and charisma to be a leader.

The closure of the issue is far from the horizon for back in 2010, the coalition became a reality out of the conditions that “you scratch my back I scratch yours”, now they will be scratching their own back at the same time watching the shadow that lingers the corridor of power at city hall and at the capitol.

The question however often asked, whats up in the market place of political leadership in Sorsogon? A masquerade ball or dance with the tune of Goodbye. [BicolToday.com]

[Erratum: The banner headline should have read as “I may do it alone against Gov.Lee – Mayor Dioneda” instead of “I may do it alone even without the Escudero’s – dares Mayor Dioneda”. There was a mistake in lay-outing of the stories. Our apologies. Editor]

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