Mayor Dioneda leads city fiesta rites

Mayor Leovic Dioneda with members of Sorosogn City council during the opening city fiesta 2012. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM
Mayor Leovic Dioneda with members of Sorosogn City council during the opening city fiesta 2012. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – The tradition lives on but this time in a different tone.

This was the message of Sorsogon City Mayor Leovic Dioneda when he gave praise and thanks to Sts. Peter and Paul, patron saints of the city. They are the epitome of faith and commitment for they poster the values of catholic teachings and by themselves was the instrument of growth of roman catholicism.

It was not missed that the patron saints interceded for the welfare of the city, through them, progress is just around the corner, he elaborated.

The pillars of the catholic church was referred by Dioneda as a reminder for political leaders that seeking public office is as rewarding as serving the less fortunate, thus he opined that a leader must become an instrument of positive change, change that should be felt by the people, not that of “shortchanging” the people. Positive values must be part of administrative discipline for a strong believable leadership contributes to a renewal of values, progress and empowerment of the people.

Further in his message today at Rompeolas, a famous promenade area of the city, Dioneda presented a strong leadership at city hall as evidence by the participation of the private sectors in commemorating the city thanksgiving to its patron saints. He noted that Sorsogon City was spared by natural calamities, public private partnership is now a reality, a good business climate awaits investors and public servants at city hall are better professionals.

Stressing that the commitment of Sts. Peter and Paul must be emulated, the mayor equated the sacrifices of the saints when they stood by their faith, never abandoning it, inspite of the persecution of their times, thus saying that his administration is committed to the welfare of the people of Sorsogon City which is now enjoying a business confidence never seen in the first six years of its existence.

The activity is expected to draw city residents at Rompeolas for it includes fireworks display, anime presentation, competition for local talents. The city tourism office planned out the festivities with an aim of imbuing the good stead of Sts Peter and Paul. []

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