Fil-Am tourists, vacationers prefer prosperous countries to visit, observes Fil-Am

SM Mall of Asia. Photo courtesy:
SM Mall of Asia. Photo courtesy:

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY ( – Internet users have been commenting that the Philippines has no emerging markets to end poverty, said Daniel Escurel Occeno, the Fil-Am named in the previous article “Philippine Tourism Has Wrong Strategy?”, correcting the impression that he has no intention of commenting that the Department of Tourism is “making a mistake” in its target marketing, but simply, suggesting a marketing addition to its tourism strategy.

It is commonly observed that most vacationers and tourists want to visit countries which are prosperous, and not plagued by poverty, observed by the Fil-Am which he shared in his emailed letter to last week.

Occeno, said by email, that “many times the reactions of Fil-Ams are that they do not have the accommodations of interests, so I suggested places I would stay if I could afford it.”

“SM MALL of ASIA is a place that would interest vacationers, not because it is a MALL but one of the largest malls in the world. It is almost like a man-made wonder for tourism, which likes shopping on vacation,” suggested the Fil-Am, also referring to new international airports as economic indicators of growth and development.

The tourism department has launched tourism campaigns abroad targeting Americans and Fil-Ams to visit the Philippines. Occeno, had previously suggested that American Catholics are the ones who prefer to travel during vacations.

He said he was misunderstood on what he wrote by letter, “They are commenting on the INTERNET that we do not have the emerging markets to end our poverty,” Occeno said.

However, he said with optimism, he will write an article when he visits Naga City. “I will include vacationing at Naga City. It reminds me of Kansas City, Missouri. Every time, we drive by on our way to Quezon City while using the South Road, I wonder if there are barbecue restaurants, which Kansas City is famous for because of the Kansas City Stockyard. It would be considered dry humor.”

“In my quest to end our poverty, it is the well-to-do with money that can fuel a tourism industry. What the beneficiaries of country do with the new revenues will determine if those still in poverty will be helped. But the idea is to add to what is already budgeted by the Department of Tourism, my article and suggestions,” he added.

“By the way, thank you for the Internet presence. In a previous freelance article, I did write about Naga City was in the top 12 cities of the Philippines according to an article about last year’s WORLD EXPO. I would consider Naga City an emerging market, which would help in ending the poverty as more jobs are created for the younger generations needing employment found in retail and tourism,” Occeno concluded. []

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