Actor Aga Muhlach talked for senate post

Showbiz celebrity Aga Muhlach during happy days at San Jose, Camarines Sur with San Jose Mayor Antonio B. Chavez. Photo taken months before Aga filed his candidacy for congressman in CamSur 4th district. Muhlach and Chavez parted ways during the election. BICOLTODAY.COM FILE PHOTO
San Jose Mayor Antonio B. Chavez and Aga Muhlach meet and share light moments with residents. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY ( – Actor Aga Muhlach was secretly offered by a Cabinet official to run for the Senate post in the Liberal Party line-up for the 2013 election, but there was no official confirmation from his camp.

The Senate slot offer was a ploy to prevent the actor from running for Congressman in Camarines Sur 4th district, observers believe.

So far, Muhlach did not officially declared that he intends to run for a House seat, but his actions in public appearances in the province had already telegraphed his intentions that he is running.

Political observers here noted that the Cabinet official’s invitation to Muhlach for a Senate seat was in response to an incumbent Congressman’s favor to Malacañang to prevent the actor from running for a House seat in his district.

The favor asked by the Congressman was made after impeaching Chief Justice Corona from his post. The politician was one of the early proponents in the House move to oust Corona from his Supreme Court post.

“It’s payback time,”said a political observer. “The Congressman, already on his last term, wants his son to succeed him in Congress, and that the popular actor may be a difficult opponent to defeat.”

Observers here said the Congressman may spend millions of pesos more in defeating the actor for the House race, and that he has bankrolled the powerhouse legal team seeking to disqualify Muhlach, and wife Charlene Gonzales, as voters in San Jose, Camarines Sur, the town where the showbiz celebrity couple had chosen to reside. The Muhlachs are already seen lately going home to this town after hectic work schedules in Metro-Manila.

“Bankrolling the expenses in the legal disqualification fight by this politician is much cheaper, than facing the actor in the Congressional fight,” said the observer.

The legal action to scrap the Muhlachs from the San Jose voters list had stalled after the Election Registration Board (ERB) in San Jose was dissolved when its chairpersons inhibited themselves from the posts last May. The Comelec commissioners in Manila are expected to appoint, en banc, the new ERB chair to hear the Muhlachs’ disqualification petition filed by several San Jose residents. []

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