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Sorsogon 2nd district Board member Joey Guban faces criminal complaint. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Sorsogon 2nd district Board member Joey Guban faces criminal complaint. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com/09-May-2012) – The privilege speech of Board Member Renato ‘Joey’ Guban of the second district of this province was a pointed reference to the political self-interest of Mayor Helen de Castro of Bulan town and her family ambition to take hold of the vote rich municipality as its power base became a trending issue among pros and cons who at this his early displayed their political color.

The speech was in response to the letter received by the Sanggunian Panlalawigan requesting the performance record of Bard Member Guban signed by the lady town executive.

For all intent and purposes, the request was a smear campaign to malign my good name, and arguably it was political self-interest not public service was the reason for the request, Guban said

Calling the request of the lady chief executive as suspicious and an “an apple laced with poison “, it made suspect the collegial character of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan as non-performer of its legislative obligations, said the board member in his speech.

He clarified that his records as member of the provincial board must be properly and civilly discussed with the people of Bulan, his town, when the lady mayor took possession of the board’s public performance record, not that it be given to a broadcaster closely associated with the mayor, who happened to be of dubious persuasions.

Casting aside political tone, the speech called to re-evaluate an re-assess the rules and performances of the provincial board members, admitting that they may have re-missed some of their task, duties and responsibilities, but will not be sleeping on its honor when trampled upon, nor will it be sleeping on its sincerity when it is deceive and will never be sleeping on its trust when it is betrayed.

This remark was a direct reference to the action of Mayor de Castro non-observance of administrative protocol silently called upon by the provincial board as a collegial body when it release the document she requested.

Guban is casting his lot with Congressman Deogracias Ramos a political opponent of the De Castro family in its bid to capture the second congressional seat of Sorsogon.

His open endorsement of Ramos can slacken the grip of the town mayor in her hometown. The board member operates a local fm radio station and has since put the issue on air in his regular weekly program netting him a libel case filed by a relative of the mayor.

Testing the collegial patience of the provincial board, Guban recommended disciplinary action against Mayor Helen de Castro for betrayal of trust and confidence of the collegial body for playing with the sincerity and objectivity of the provincial board that insulted the other members of the body who are not privy to the rift.

But the call to sanction De Castro was not successful. The interpellation of senior members of the body calmed the nerves of defiance of Guban but the presiding chair intimated that the body will not be left seating in the controversial action of the lady chief executive.

It will be recalled that this is the second time that the Sanggunian Panlalawigan took a definitive stand in the on-going tug of war of the political foes of the municipality. They set aside the excutive order of the mayor delimiting the responsibility of a village chair to accept projects funded from the national agencies.

The action was a direct assault of the disbursement of priority development assistance fund of the district representative and this latest tussle involves the request of Guban performance record as member of the Sorsogon Provincial Board. [Bicoltoday.com]

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