Gov.Lee casting political hat to De Castro’s congress bid

Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Building. Photo by
Sorsogon Provincial Capitol Building. Photo by

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY – ( – The political clout of Governor Raul Lee was again evident when he summoned today elected officials of the towns of Bulusan, Irosin, Sta Magdalena, Barcelona, Bulan and Pto. Diaz, all of the second congressional district to affirm his total support for the congressional bid of Bulan town ex-mayor Guillermo De Castro in the second district of the province. The gathering was held at the governors training center here.

Admitting that he is nearing the twilight of his political career, the governor said that what he is doing now is to make sure that his political warriors must be properly in-placed even after his tenure to protect the long term interest of the coming leaders of the province.

He stressed that this is now the time that he will strongly take the whip to those who will not support his losing gubernatorial running-mate, referring to Guillermo De Castro’s bid to wrest the congressional seat from incumbent Congressman Deogracias Ramos.

Lee’s pronouncement was explicit, saying that he will task his candidates for mayors to make sure that its complete slate will campaign for De Castro. Those who cannot toe the line shall be mercilessly left out in his political folds.

Counting his fingers, he said that this is only the time that he opened an appeal for a total support of a candidate and it was his political mind that dictates that De Castro is well suited and qualified for the congress seat.

The presence of De Castro in the gathering buttresses the open-close relationship with the governor. At the occasion, he was still critical with the allegations of Congressman Ramos when it gave a press briefing last April 22.

That briefing was an offshoot of the earlier well-covered press briefing he gave in announcing his bid to battle Ramos for the juicy congressional position. This time around, he notified the group that he will have a taping to be aired on May 6 over a local television station to further rebut the pronouncement of incumbent Ramos.

Lee is considered as the doyen political aspirants in the province and has been known to be playing his political cards closest to his chest. His formula of success is yet to be equaled though he suffered political defeat to a penniless yet charismatic Tata Owan Frivaldo twice in a row. []

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