PhilHealth Bicol offers members 50% discount on premium contribution

Philhealth Bicol Regional Office. Photo courtesy:
Philhealth Bicol Regional Office. Photo courtesy:

By Marlon A. Loterte

LEGAZPI CITY ( – The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in the Bicol region reminds individual- paying members to avail of the 50 percent discount on their annual premium contribution.

In line with the increase in premium contributions set to start by July this year, that requires individual- paying members with average monthly income of P25,000 to pay an annual premium contribution of P2, 400, the 50 percent discount is a way to save and minimize the impact of the increase, said PhilHealth V Information Officer Paulette Santiago.

The discount can be availed by members who will pay their whole year premium contribution within January to June this year.

Santiago said the discount applies to premium contribution not only for this year but also for 2013.

“They can also pay in advance for their 2013 premium contribution. With the discount, they can only pay P1, 200 per year instead of P2, 400,” she added.

The 50 % discount can also be availed by newly registered Philhealth members, provided that they pay their contributions before July 1, the day when the new premium will take effect.

“Some members might be apprehensive to avail of the discount but it’s one way for them to save that certain amount. With the contribution made in advance they will be also saved from being bothered by payment deadlines,” said Santiago. []

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