60 homeless in Sorsogon fire


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com/27-April-2012) – The sixty families were caught unprepared for the blazing inferno that razed their residences midday yesterday.

The commotion started when the residence of Diosdado Paloyo suddenly was engulped in flames believed to be caused by faulty electrical connection. The Paloyo operate a computer shop that added to the electrical load of their existing connection.


This was the theory of Sirangan Barangay Chairman Florencio Jamisola Jr when interviewed by this writer. The situation became critical because of the crowded houses build in a vacant lot owned by MFG Corporation at Delgado Street here. Most of the residence there are staying sans formal arrangement with the property owner compounding the woes of responding fire officials to deal the fire effectively. Alley ways are so narrow that they have to plug-in fire hoses to combat the flames that easily gutted most of the wooden houses in the area.

Responding firetrucks in minutes are controlling the critical spread of the fire knowing that most of the areas is populated by families belonging to the lower income level. The timely intervention of firetrucks from the city fire office and the Abuyog Sub-Fire Station together with the Fil-Chinese Fire Volunteer and the municipality of Gubat and Juban towns firetrucks came to aid in controlling the spread of the fire to nearby commercial establishment. The area is one of the mix residential and commercial locations in the city proper.


Responding firemen headed by City Fire Chief Walter Marcial declared fire under control forty minutes after it started. He instructed SFO3 Jose Ebdane, City Fire Investigator, to gather and collate material evidence and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the fire and hope to receive co-operations from the Paloyo’s and other witnesses before they could determine and assess the damage to personal properties and pinpoints the cause of the fire conclusively.


In the listing of the victims the record at the office of the barangay chairman revealed that 100 minors were counted whose residence were burned totally and 100 adults have to scurry for usable materials to start a new home. The community leaders are appealing for food items, used clothing and kitchen utensils for the fire victims which some of them are temporarily house at the barangay hall while others took shelter from their relatives.


Initial aid arrived from the local chapter of Philippine National Red Cross, they distributed, blankets, groceries and rice to the victims which was followed suit by the efforts of the city government distributing rice and groceries. A local supermarket adjacent to the fire site chipped-in grocery items and the social welfare provincial office upon instruction of Governor Raul Lee is readying food supplies for the victims. BicolToday.com

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