Summa Kumagai Geothermal clarifies position

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By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( – The thorny issue of exploratory geothermal works outside of the inclusive NIPAS area in the second district of this province, deals Summa Kumagai Geothermal, Inc. to launched a new approach to assuades fears of residents in the affected area when they bus-in barangay leaders to Aboitiz Power Plant in Barangay Cale, Tiwi Albay, home of the oldest renewable energy source in the country.

The exploratory company led by its geothermal project manager Engineer. Benjamin Monzon, hoped to allayed mis-impressions that geothermal operations is bane to the environment for the picture seen at the surroundings of the Aboitiz plants speaks of a positive impressions of geothermal operations viz the responsible development of the area covered by geothermal activities. At the plant site, though layers of encased pipes curves the landscape it is no escaping the eye that a fully planted rice field contrasted the belief that water system will be affected and a statement that rice production is not affected in a geothermal area. The rice field is situated less than fifty meters from the extraction well of the plant and not far from it the greens of the once scarred mountains are lush and becomes a habitat of bird species.

Summa Kumagai Geothermal requested Aboitiz to host their extended information education campaign (IEC) for they encountered a strong opposition in their contract area to explore geothermal energy in the towns of Bulusan, Irosin, Barcelona, Casiguran and Juban. The company initiated exploratory work in Juban but fell flat in the other towns because of strong opposition to the project. The town of Bulusan is now excluded from the exploratory area.

In a text message to, Monzon, pointed out that at the Aboitiz Plant the dry river theory is non-existent. Proof is the irrigation system supplying nearby ricefields This was one of the strong points raised by the anti-geothermal group.It attest that the Aboitiz Tiwi Plant has no report of serious effects to the environment the last thirty years of its operation, that their Sorsogon project is not tapping the geothermal capacity of the Bulusan volcano, and the NIPAS area of the province is not included in the exploratory works.

The contract of SKGI with the Department of Energy is still enforced to explore renewable energy and the project is niw known as Southern Bicol Geothermal Project. It was then known as Mt. Bulusan Geothermal project.

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  1. To Jourfeil Diaz,

    Wag mong sabihin na ignorante kami,ikaw ang ignorante, kong ayw mo makipaglaban sa laban namin kontra geothermal wag kang magsasalita ng gnyan,ikaw ang ignorante,walang magagawa kong ssirain natin ang ating kabundukan at kalikasan. pano mo sasabihin na binibigyan kami ng pera ng BIG oil companies,pera nmin gingastos namin sa aming adhikain.ano pa ang rason bakit tayo papayag sa gusto nila? 2 na ang geothermal energy sa bikol, nakikinabang ba ang mga bikolano dito?dba hindi.mas nakikinabang ang mga mayayaman na gumgastos dito,,dahil hindi eto proyekto ng gobyerno,pra mga mayayaman lang ang makikinabang,bumaba ba ang bayarin sa kuryente sa bikol?dba dapt mas mababa kasi sa atin galing eto,,at ilang gubat ba o kabundukan ang dapat nating kalbuhin?ang mga mga pulitiko wag mong isasali sa adhikain namin,kasi d kami kasali nila,,IKAW ANG IGNORANTE Jourfeil Diaz

  2. My Dear Brother and Sisters in Sorsogon:

    God bless you all!

    Ignorance of anti-geothermal groups, church officials, teachers & students will result to extreme poverty & hunger in Sorsogon. Don’t you know that:

    Geothermal energy is one of the solution to Climate Change? Please try to open website of Greenpeace and WWF.

    Renewable Energy like Geothermal Energy was endorsed by the Church. You may contact by email Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, because its an environment friendly project and generates jobs to feed poor people.

    Do you think Greenpeace will support Geothermal Power Plants if it is not environment friendly?

    The reality right now: Big oil companies finance anti-geothermal groups to mislead innocent people. Some politicians becomes anti-geothermal to extort money for their re-election bid next year. Illegal loggers in Sorsogon do not like Geothermal companies to operate because they do not like forest guards to be created by the power plant operators, and they do not want regular tree planting every month be undertaken by the power plant company. This is the reality. The truth.


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