Palace and NDRRMC step up alarmist NoKor pronouncements

North Korea's forthcoming missile launch. Photo courtesy
North Korea's forthcoming missile launch. Photo courtesy

MANILA (12-April-2012) – “Dumb logic: We don’t stay indoors just because there are thousands of planes in the skies, right?”

“The Palace and NDRRMC are making a nuclear warhead out of rocket debris.” This was the statement of Atty. Terry Ridon, spokesperson and general counsel of Kabataan Partylist as he strongly reacted to the continued insistence of Malacanang and NDRRMC Executive Director Benito Ramos that the country is within striking distance of the satellite launching of North Korea.

The young lawyer said that independent international experts had already dismissed all claims that an overflight over sovereign territory as the Philippines was foreboding.

Unscientific logic

“After being rebuked for dishing out absolutely unscientific statements, the Palace and Ramos are now making much of a seeming ‘particulate’ chance of human error.”

He said that while error is always a possibility, the science of probability has proven that the chances of error are nil.

“If all Ramos’ logic on flight error would be believed, then no one should ever be outdoors for as long as airplanes soar the skies. But of course that would be stupid.”

He said Ramos also misinformed the public in a radio program that Pyongyang might launch rockets daily, from April 12-16.

“But Pyongyang, its allies, critics and even media had already acknowledged this that there will only be one satellite launching, and yet Ramos and the Palace continues its tirades against Pyongyang.”

Diplomatic arrogance
Ridon also criticized the “diplomatic arrogance” of Aquino for telling Pyongyang to focus on food instead of the rocket launch.

“We hope Pyongyang doesn’t respond by telling Aquino to stop #noynoying instead of addressing mounting price increase.”

Ridon said that Pyongyang had the sovereign right to conduct rocket testing under international law, as had the United States and many other nations in the past.

Aquino towing US agenda vs Pyongyang

“The real ‘needless provocation’ in the region is not the rocket launch, but intensifying US military presence.”

Ridon said that while Aquino severely criticizes Pyongyang, he is turning a blind eye on the entry of nuclear-powered US military vessels which can deploy thousands of troops and missiles at a moment’s notice.

“We are wondering why Aquino does not equally criticize the United States. It has the largest stockpile of ballistic missiles which can be deployed anywhere in the world at the click of a button.”

Ridon said that such double standard shows that the President is merely serving as the US poster boy against Pyongyang in the ASEAN, instead of independently pursuing diplomacy with North Korea and other nations.


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