Aquino should provide nurses jobs locally

Filipino nurses. Photo courtesy
Filipino nurses. Photo courtesy

MANILA (11-aPRIL-2012) – “Don’t do noynoying on the nurses Mr. President.” This was the statement of Atty. Terry Ridon, spokesperson and general counsel of Kabataan Partylist as he responded to concerns that the United States had already freezed the hiring of new nurses until 2020.

The young lawyer said that since it was government that aggressively promoted nursing as the next marketable profession, it had the primary responsibility to employ hundreds of thousands of jobless nurses.

“Malacanang cannot deny the need for more nurses in our state hospitals and communities. The hemorrhage of healthcare professionals still exists and it is Aquino’s duty to stop it by employing our nurses in their hundreds of thousands.”
He said that employment by government of the nurses can drastically resolve rising unemployment figures.

Ridon also said that government should also order that salaries of private nurses be increased across-the-board, noting that private healthcare professionals are among the least paid professionals.

“Our nurses leave because they are grossly underpaid in both private and public hospitals. Aquino should address that with haste.”

Ridon also said government should now stop aggressively promoting courses merely based on the demands of the international market, noting that CHEd and schools are now taking on the HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) bandwagon.
“Only by pursuing an education policy that caters primarily to our national needs and the requirements for industrialization can our youth be assured of certain employment after graduation.”

Ridon said that nothing of that sort exists at the moment because Aquino’s labor policy remains geared towards overseas employment instead of generating more domestic jobs.


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