A class of its own, SNHS Batch ‘87

Sorsogon National High School (SNHS) Class' 87 annual alumni homecoming last April 2011. PHOTO BY ANGEL AYALA
Sorsogon National High School (SNHS) Class' 87 annual alumni homecoming last April 2011. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Angel Ayala

This year theme: “A Time Woven Tapestry of Friendship, Love and Memory” was tested, proven and made to0 good use by the host of this years Alumni Homecoming of Sorsogon National High School, we the graduates of School Year 1986-1987.

Twenty five years (25 yrs) ago, we dreamed together with the rest of the class what will become of us. I recalled the first ten years, earning the degree, feeling the energy of competition, but eager to come back. Where? Wanting to retrace where we were before, comparing snippets of memories, the best and the worst, the puppets in our hearts that wanted to say hello but to afraid to be heard, the boyish grin to an impish she, laughter and pain, fear of losing but hope not to understand its meaning. Now in our 40’s raising our families, greasing our hands, matured, sensible and we are journeying to be a different formators of responsible citizenry.

Arthur, as in King Arthur would say; Batch 87 will have a simple but the most memorable jubilee for everyone. This is the time to rejoice, to share, to leave behind painful episodes that nearly broke a man’s heart or a kiss and tell romance but a classic history how we all survived high school life. Making it happen comes April 7 is a collegial act of each of us, the financial whiz that unlock the coffers of gold, the hardnose do-it-all team, the netizens among us, the pencil pushers, everyone contributed positively. Arthur Falcotelo, duff his hat to all. We are in the right direction, was his comment.

The grand festivities and parade will be on April 7, 2012, Saturday at SNHS ground. The program will start at 7:00 in the morning with the welcome remarks by Emerson Janer and a message of Ms. Milagros Esparrago, Ed.D., president SNHS General Alumni Association to be followed by the general alumni parade and motorcade.

Meanwhile, Fire Chief Superintendent Santiago Estropigan Laguna will be the guest of honor on the Grand Alumni Ball at the Provincial Gymnasium at 6:30 in the evening.

Santiago or fondly called “Bunsoy” is a member of class 75 of former Sorsogon Provincial High School and presently the regional director of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) of the National Capital Region (NCR).

Class’ 87 President Arthur Falcotelo, Ms. Ivy Dioneda and Ms. Cristy Estrada, Class’ 87 Valedictorian will also give their messages.

Falcotelo invites all SNHS Alumni to join the Batch 87 Silver Jubilarians to grace the occasions. A various special number will also presented by Diamond and Golden Jubilarians during the ball.

Those who are still willing to share to the success to SNHS General Alumni Homecoming please contact Arthur Falotelo and Laarni Desengano Pancho at mobile no. 0928-683-9885. Bicoltoday.com

(Angel Ayala is a member of SNHS Class ’87. Publisher of BicolToday.com, Bicolandia’s News and Travel Network)

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