Actor Aga Muhlach and wife Charlene are registered voters in Camarines Sur

Showbiz couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales. Contributed Photo
Showbiz couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales. Photo courtesy of

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

SAN JOSE, Camarines Sur ( – Showbiz couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales registered themselves on Monday (March 19) as voters in San Jose, a remote coastal town in Camarines Sur. Upon registration, the showbiz couple are now officially recognized as residents of the town, giving their address at Rizal Street, Barangay San Juan.

Camarines Sur Vice-Governor Fortunato Peña said the showbiz couple were assisted by COMELEC Officer Imelda Anonuevo. Aga and Charlene were accompanied by Governor LRay Villafuerte, Vice-Governor Peña, several public officials, supporters and fans.

Aga is strongly rumored of planning to run for Congress in 2013 against the Fuentebellas, and he has been making public appearances in the Partido district. Lately, Aga has been showing up as sponsor in mass weddings and mass baptisms.

The actor has been making public appearances in San Jose and nearby towns late February and March. He sponsored the mass wedding of 216 unwed couples in San Jose in middle of February, this year. He again showed up in early March, acting as sponsor for Compil, or Confirmation for children, under Catholic rites.He was always accompanied by Governor Villafuerte and Vice-Governor Peña.

However, the actor refused to give any declarative statement before the local press affirming his intention to enter politics. Yet, he was seen again visiting rural areas in the nearby towns of Goa, Lagonoy, and Presentacion.

The public appearance of Aga in the mass wedding in February has started rumors he is planning to run for Congressman at Partido 4th District, the political fiefdom of the Fuentebellas.

The rumors about Aga’s bid for Congress next year has spread out like wildfire.His popularity as actor can sway the “masa” votes in his favor, his strong card to offset the Fuentebellas’ political organization, machinery, and resources.

The Fuentebellas claimed that they have been in power for 100 years in the province, a claim considered by critics as “form of political dynasty”. Evelyn Fuentebella, the wife of Congressman Arnulfo Fuentebella, is mayor of Sangay town, while their son, Arnie, is mayor of Tigaon. The Fuentebellas have other children, who are all growing up and being groomed for politics.

Congressman Fuentebella, considered a traditional politician, is a remnant from the Marcosian years.He, as Assemblyman and his late father, then Camarines Sur governor enjoyed their positions of power during the Marcos dictatorship in the 70’s and 80’s.

Now, with failing health, Congressman Fuentebella filed a bill in Congress to split the province into two to create a Nueva Camarines province. Critics claim his move to form a new separate province will create new political positions for governor, vice-governor, board members, congressmen, and other lucrative posts. His opponents suspect the Fuentebella family members are eyeing for the new posts.

Aga Muhlach comes from the Muhlach family in Goa. The family had migrated to Manila in the late 1950’s. Amalia Fuentes, the former Queen of Fiipino Cinema in the 1960’s and 70’s, belonged to the Muhlach family.

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