Starting with ABC

Coach Aldin Ayo instructs his players during the Palarong Bikol held in Naga City last March 12-17, 2012. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

SORSOGON CITY ( – When do you think is the best time to prepare and mold the character of a child? Some said that you start it in the womb, true, for a fetus breathes life and having life grasp a little learning guided by the formative care of the parents. The initial step begins with us, we lead, we educate, we discipline, we protect and we make them feel that they belong.

Starting with ABC as a process in educating the child makes a lot of difference. The fundamentals or the basics are taught, with proper guidance, little is wasted in the learning process. Life carries responsibilities, character with determination and grit leads to success. Positive guidance and proper intervention enriched a fragile mind, this is what ABC is all about.

Later it transformed in a holistic approach of what is and what is not, the ins and out of life as played.

If ABC is the first three letters of the alphabet, in basketball it stands for Ayo Basketball Clinic, brainchild of Aldin Ayo, a former Letran Knights varsity player who wants to share the basic and discipline of basketball scientifically.

Sorsogon City Basketball team versus Catanduanes. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

Ayo’s basketball clinic was realized after a furlough of two years as a varsity reserved. There he realized that what he thinks that he knows to play basketball becomes the opposite, for the fundamentals were missing in his game.

Hoping to correct the lost years and knowing that kids are street smart in playing the game, Coach Aldin impacted the local basketball scene with his innovative approach and hands-on application on how one should play the game, instituting it in his programs and approaches in guiding a child would be wonder to play basketball.

The approach was a first here in Sorsogon and Ayo Basketball Clinic became a byword among parents, biting the innate mind of a child who loves the game. It became spontaneous, catching a balance of skills and discipline aided by strong character that makes one a success story.

The wards of ABC multiplied, it notched one victory after another, having participated in local tourneys and invaded the crowded basketball world of the nation’s capital. It is now a member of Metropolitan Schools Sports Association, an association of schools who take basketball as a grassroots movement. ABC’s by-product and homegrown James Galoso who enjoys full scholarship, allowances and other benefits at Hope Christian School. Coach Aldin small dreams produced a winner, a prize still to be emulated by others. Albert Cornel is being eyed by the University of the East, Omar Mercado, Justin Garay and Neil Gonzales are welcomed by Hope Christian School, they are the products of Coach Aldin ABC.

One cannot master the game overnight, it takes time.  It has to move in both ways, one for offense and defense, a player as much as possible must be well-rounded, that is, knows how to dribble, initiate a play, pass a ball, shoot, rebound, read the mind of his teammates and opponents as well and must have the skills and right attitude inside the court. It is not taught for a month or two, but is it scientifically applied in a season of knowing, learning, listening and doing. This character defines Ayo Basketball Clinic that Coach Aldin and his staff are proud to say.

The fundamentals are simple yet it gives one a meaningful balance of life as played in the hardcourt.

Let your child learn his ABC. Arriba! Arriba!

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