Retelling History through Water, Sorsogon is almost synonymous with water

Bacon Beach also known as Tolong Gapo Beach

In a sense, it was water that give its name: a local thinking that a group of Spaniards were asking from directions, pointed at the River and said, “SOSOGON”. The Spaniards were, in fact, asking for the name of the place because of the nuances of the Iberian tongue, Sosogon became Solsogon and eventually Sorsogon.

Early settlers found their home near the mouth of the river, in what is now known as Sitio Pocdol in Capuy. Bacon too, got its name from the bacong plant that grew abundantly on its waters. As oldest settlement in the entire province of Sorsogon, Bacon was frequented by Chinese traders, Malay merchants and Moro pirates.

Bacon Beach also known as Tolong Gapo Beach


Beyond history Sorsogon City boasts numerous beaches particularly in Bacon District. Bacon Beach in Caricaran has long been a weekend favorite especially I the hot summer months.


Once solely noted for Tolonggapo there rocks jutting out from the beach, it now home to a variety of resorts.

In Pagol Beach in Buenavvista, clear waters lap against a rugged beach. Amenities here are Spartan, making it ideal for campers and nature lovers.



Paguriran in Sawanga is surrounded by dark granite. A huge outcrop offer a view of the swirling currents below and the solid mountains beyond.

Equally fine and easy on the feet is Libanon Beach in San Juan. Limestone hills frame the beach, which is being primed as a surfer’s haven. The coastal barangays of Sto. Nino and Osiao also lay claim to beautiful beaches.

Rompeolas or Bay Walk


Rain-fed polls, springs, waterfalls and secret coves further contribute to the City’s natural attractions. Rompeolas with its walkway that serves as promenade, offers spectacular view of Bulusan Volcano, as does Paroja Hill and Grotto, which overlooks Sorsogon Bay.

In Sitio Suhi in Buenavista West and Bucalbulan Spring lend a sense of enhancement to the cool environs.

All told, Sorsogon’s inviting waters makes for an exciting romp in this southern developing city.

Reaching Sorsogon City

  • The fastest way to reach Sorsogon City is by plane via Manila-Legazpi City route. From Manila, Legazpi City is just 45 minutes away. From Legazpi City airport, public transport utilities like buses and passenger vans are available to take you to Sorsogon City. The ride takes about an hour.
  • The most common means of transportation to Sorsogon City is by bus. Travel time from Manila is approximately 12 hours. There are several buses plying Manila to Sorsogon route and vice versa. These buses range from air-conditioned to ordinary.
  • Coming from Cebu, one can reach Sorsogon City by plane via Legazpi or from other key cities on the south, buses and ferries will do, taking the Allen Samar or Masbate route.


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