Actor Aga Muhlach bid for congress in Fuentebella’s turf

Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy
Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy

By Joey Natividad
Special Correspondent

SAN JOSE, Camarines Sur ( Popular actor Aga Muhlach visited the towns of San Jose, Goa, Presentacion on Monday (March 5), accompanied by Camarines Sur Governor L-Ray Villafuerte, and San Jose Mayor Antonio B. Chavez, giving more veracity to rumors that the popular actor may run for Congressman in 2013 polls against Wimpy Fuentebella, son of Congressman Arnulfo “Noli” Fuentebella in the province’s Fourth District.

Aga’s visit was the second within a month, after he sponsored the mass wedding of 216 unwed couples in San Jose in middle of February, this year. With Aga as wedding sponsors are Governor Villafuerte and Mayor Chavez, a ceremony that forged their alliances closely as “compadres”- a socio-cultural pact of bond and mutual friendship. During the mass wedding, which was witnessed by thousands of fans and constituents, the three sponsors gave the newly-weds gifts.

The mass wedding appearance of Aga in February has started rumors he is planning to run for Congressman at Partido 4th District, the political fiefdom of the Fuentebellas. Reports went around that early in January, the actor registered as voter in San Jose, – a move to meet up Commission on Election ruling that a candidate must be a resident in the area months before the coming election. An old ancestral house of a distant relative is being renovated in the town to serve as Aga’s residence.

The rumors about Aga’s bid for Congress next year is spreading out like wildfire. However wild it is, the news has brought jubilation among anti-Fuentebella groups who have been waiting for a political messiah who would give the Partido district deliverance from 100 years of political fiefdom and psychological slavery.

The same news also brought some jitters among pro-Fuentebella camps who believe that their 100 years of living in paradise of political patronage, favors, government contracts and padrino system might come to an end.

The Fuentebellas claimed that they have been in power for 100 years in the province, a claim considered by critics as “form of political dynasty”. Evelyn Fuentebella, the wife of Congressman Fuentebella, is mayor of Sangay town, while their son, Arnie, is mayor of Tigaon. The Fuentebellas have other children, who are all growing up and being groomed for politics.

Now, with failing health, Congressman Fuentebella made a move in Congress to carve up his district into a separate province, his dream of Nueva Camarines province. The move to cut Camarines Sur into two has sparked resistance among affected sectors that the move will provide political positions and jobs to the other Fuentebellas. Critics claim that with a new-formed province, new positions for a governor, vice-governor, board members, congressman, and other lucrative post are up for grabs.

This Fuentebella gambit has soured up his alliance with Governor Villafuerte, an alliance tagged earlier as “unholy and temporary alliance”. The Villafuertes and the Fuentebellas had been at odds with each other in provincial politics.

The congressional bill to create a new province has been stalled in the Senate which is busy on the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Justice Corona.

Among anti-Fuentebella groups, Aga Muhlach is the best match against Wimpy Fuentebella, the chosen one and son of Congressman Fuentebella. The elder Fuentebella is now on his last term in office. He has been a Congressman for 18 years, serving in two terms of nine years each.

Aga Muhlach comes from the Muhlach family in Goa. The family had migrated to Manila in the late 1950’s. Amalia Fuentes, the former Queen of Fiipino Cinema in the 1960’s and 70’s, belonged to the Muhlach family.

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    • Here we go again another circus parade with a has been actor now looking for politics to stay in the lime-light. What a waste of people time and energy.

      • Has he made anything worthy among the poorest of the poor in Partido area before? Naging tagaroon ba siya before para malaman ang pinagdaanan ng mga tao doon? People in the showbiz in the urban city should not mingle in politics in the rural areas specially if they have not resided there! They should leave it to the common folks w/ leadership potentials in that area to lead their constituents! Tapos pag na elect sila, are they going to stay in that place and quit the showbiz for good? I bet, hindi! Let’s be considerate and do things what we are good at! God be with you!

        • Eh alangan naman sina funtebella? eh tagal na nila, kasi kailangan muna nilang matalo, before yung mga taga partido naman an mag lalaban laban. Diba? kasi pag yung lokal na kakandidatu , matatalo at madadaya lng, eh sila pa rin panalo..pero kun naiiba ang kalaban?? well a good payt! nag register pa nga lng, gusto ng dayain kagad eh


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