BicolToday co-founder now a member of the bar

Atty. Egbert Demate, BicolToday co-founder

SORSOGON CITY (1-Mar-12) – The efforts paid off, thus said by bar passer Atty. Egbert Ansus Demate when news reach him that he was one of the 1,913 new lawyers who was accorded the privilege to practice law by the Supreme Court.

A man of few words but who thinks deeply was in high heavens, for passing the bar is an achievement that transcend not only the character of the person but lifts the integrity of his family.

Finishing his law degree at Aemilianum College run by Somascan fathers, the formative education years of Demate started at Colegio de la Milagrosa then at Our Lady of Peñafrancia Seminary for his secondary school. Enrolling at Philippine School of Business Administration in Quezon City, Egbert’s involvement with social issues and the environment pushed him to study law and become a lawyer.

The youngest of the three siblings of Dr. Macario Demate and Dr. Evanswinda Ansus Demate, the man could have been a doctor but opted to take on the letters for there are more to be cured when one able to dispense the right justice to a fellow man or that of nature.

He is a member of Greenpeace Philippines, a strong advocate to help children afflicted with cancer with his involvement with Step Juan Project and in upholding human rights in the province, his name is a byword.

Working full stream even incognito with BicolToday, Atty Egbert Demate proved his value for he knows the law that made the staff of the news magazine on-line more informative and straight in news coverage’s.

He was the one who coined BicolToday, together with his long time friend and confidante Angel Ayala, the on-line publisher.

The duo, inspite of the technical and financial difficulties in launching an informative and alternative news source pursued a dream that has gained a lot of grounds and following just two years after it’s launching.

He is taking this opportunity to thank his family and friends for their moral support and understanding, also his mentors for they made a lot of difference.

In silence, you can read the mind of Atty. Egbert Demate, that is, thanking his Creator, God the Father, for lending him a little of His wisdom to understand and comprehend the law, for without it, it might be a different story.

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