Budget hotel opens in Sorsogon City

Carolinas Cafeteria
Carolinas Cafeteria

SORSOGON CITY (BicolToday.com/29-Feb-12) – As in a song of joy and grace as sung by a comforting choir, the newest budget hotel in Sorsogon City was intoruced; The Carolinas”.

In the stiff competition among hoteliers in the city, a new door was opened to budget conscious travelers a month ago. The couple, Manfred and Jocelyn Pikal came-up with a modest budget concept laced with an ambiance of luxury, it introduces to weary travelers, the “Carolinas”, a fourteen bedroom relaxing space that budget conscious road trekkers will surely like. What is different with “Carolinas” is its simplicity that carries its name to travelers who once stayed in the hotel, they have the feel of belongingness.

Located at the second floor of Pikal building at Magsaysay extension, it is less that a kilometer from the city proper and a step away from a convenience store, Carolinas, prides itself, as your home where everything is serve with pride by its staff that it was accorded accolades from its initial guest. Stepping out from “Carolinas” the ever dependable trimobile is ready for your ride.

It is twelve kilometers away from the beautiful sand of Bacon beach, less than an hour if one loves the feel of a white sand, Rizal Beach in Gubat town is the place. Further down, take a view of the Pacific coastline of Barcelona and Bulusan towns, famous for their Spanish era fortress and host to majestic Bulusan volcano and the serenity of its lake.

The same with the soothing cool waters of Casiguran town, they have Oroc to freshen your weary body. All this are within your grasp. Stay at “Carolinas”.

For a touch of modesty will greet you, their valued guest when you entered the Carolinas for it was intended to let you feel its comfort with the least expense.

The room rates are affordable compared to existing room rates among hotels and lodges in the city. It boast of a wi-fi zone, fully air-conditioned rooms, the guest can choose single, double, twin and family rooms, all suited in price with more than enough to spare, money wise. It’s a neat place to relax in abundance of style.

The “Carolinas” is not only modest, it is the affordability of its room rates that counts, enticing domestic travelers to stay their night in a secured home away from their homes.

Count on this: Single non-aircon room is price at three hundred fifty pesos (Php 350.00), Single air-con room is price at eight hundred pesos (Php 800.00), double occupancy is nine hundred fifty pesos (Php 850.00), family and triple room goes for one thousand three hundred fifty pesos (Php 1,350.00), rates to low with other hotels here.

The place, invites you to stay, feel its comfort of modesty and for sure that your stay is far better that any other hotel in the City of Sorsogon. Have it at “Carolinas”.

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