Sorsogon solon bats for freedom of info bill

Sorsogon second district representative Deogracais 'Ding' Ramos. Photo by
Sorsogon second district representative Deogracais 'Ding' Ramos. Photo by

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

GUBAT, Sorsogon ( – Sorsogon second district representative Deogracias ‘Ding’ Ramos supports the passage of the Freedom of Information bill which he considered as timely for the people has the right to know about their government and how it is being run by their choosen representatives.

The first term representative in an interview believed that every citizen of the republic should have an access to the right information and such privilege should never be curtailed. His support for the measure was part of his experience in dealing with the bureaucracy being a businessman before he put his hat in the political arena, serving consecutive terms as local chief executive.

Passing the Freedom of Information Act will open a lot of opportunities to small businesses for government projects will be readily accessible, plans and programs are not covered by a blanket of suspicions instead, reliable information for critical investors decision can be obtained readily.

Ramos revealed that though the FOI has certain limitations this is a significant step for the administration of President Aquino to fulfill his electoral promise to make a decent curtailment of corruption in the government. Significantly he sees the measure as an anchor of confidence on the ability of public officials and employees to freely comply and not poor Juan become an spectator of red tape.

The congressman further revealed that government budgets will be subject to further scrutiny though is was already made into a law by a general appropriation acts, here nationally funded projects can be easily monitored by concerned groups and entities. No reason why this measure should not be given total attention by both houses irrespective of their work loads for this will define the character of our nation, said he.

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