Bambooply, now big business – Australian businessman

Bamboo Plants. Photo courtesy
Bamboo Plants. Photo courtesy

By Irma A. Guhit

SORSOGON CITY (15-Feb-12) – John Dreese, an Australian businessman who is now in town, coordinated with the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and said that there is big business potential in planting bamboo especially in the mitigation of climate change since bamboos planted along waterways and in slopes prevent soil erosion. But, he said, the biggest business opportunity for bamboo is that it is the “in thing for making plywood known in the world market as “bambooply.”

Dreesse, in his power point presentation, showed how countries like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and China value the plant since this is now the alternative source for making plywood. Its quality is more comparatively durable; it also has a natural sheen or glow captured in the ply and its natural beauty blends in “green” buildings constructed in big resorts and adhering to the new trend of green environment.

Dreese also expressed that here in the province of Sorsogon, the opportunity for planting bamboo as one of the major source for livelihood has a very great potential given the fact that “marurugi,” the type of bamboo that is in demand in the world market thrives here in the province.

He also said that bamboo is also made into the finest clothing material since it is fibrous, and bamboo in countries like China, is now being made into cloth comparative to silk.

Dreese has also made his presentation at the Rotary Club of Metro Sorsogon enjoining everyone that they are now in the process of putting up a processing plant in Subic as this is the only place here with 24/7 power supply with available international land and sea ports and business application processing made easy by the local government.

Dreese has been traveling around the Philippines and encouraging local governments to venture into the planting of bamboo as this is one of the most simple planting material that needs no full time attention, and with the big uncultivated lands here, farmers can supply the volume that they need, he said.

“Once it is planted it just grows by its own, the potential of this plant is immense, from food to clothing and construction material,” he declared.


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