Are Local School Board’s functioning?


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Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

The combined statement of cash receipts posted for the year-ended 2011 revealed a balance of 25.365 million pesos ready for disbursement for CY 2012. This is the beginning balance of the Special Education Fund of Sorsogon City. The expenses for the repair and maintenance of school building was 52,318.30 pesos, a pittance that one may raise an eyebrow and 701,044.66 pesos was spent for salaries, wages of contractual employees. If the figure is a statement is it saying that the Sorsogon City School Board is not performing its role as embodied in RA 7160.

The local government code says that the local school board should prepare a budget and can revise the same, that it should serve as an advisory committee to the sanggunian on educational matters and the necessity for and the uses of local appropriations for educational purposes. The priority of expenditures is construction, repair, and maintenance of school buildings and other facilities of public and elementary and secondary schools, establish and maintenance of extension classes where necessary and sports activities at division, district and barangay levels.

What are they reserving the funds for, does it follow that in the city division of schools the classroom has an exact ratio in student populations, that the classrooms are well equipped to be considered as functional learning tools for the pupils and students? Or that the composition of the school board are not keen and aware of their responsibilities?

Can it be said that there was a command from the co-chairpersons of the board that projects for 2011 be shelves for it is reserved for 2012 as preparatory expenses since 2013 election is up giving a semblance of prioritization of education needs? Which one fits the bill? Who prepare the budget of the school board, it is the city schools superintendent or the district supervisor as the case maybe, such should be supported by programs, projects and activities of the school board for the ensuing fiscal year.

The posted figures do’nt lie, it was contained in the combined statements of cash receipts for 2011 by the city accountant and it reflected actual expenses charged to the fund ending.

It ballooned to 26.793 million pesos with disbursement of 1.428 million pesos. If the board submitted a budget since they have the figures, they are too stymied to make an urgent recommendation to the city council and the treasury or made a lobby to the city mayor that the millions of special education funds should not be freeze.

Or the board should have invoke the joint memorandum by DepEd and DILG in co-opting in the construction of public schools classroom in their division, they could have use the funds.

Or they could take the cudgels for the over-worked low salaried mentors by requesting for additional benefits such as free supplies for instructional needs.

This was sorely missed. I put this argument for taking the role responsibly has a cascading effect to parents who enrolled their children in public elementary and secondary schools.

We know for a fact that every school year, though part of the tradition of extending help to ease the condition and make the classroom conducive for learning to their children the parents took turns in providing assistance, financial or otherwise.

Regulations allow the expenses chargeable against school board funds in the repairs, renovations, upgrade of school facilities and to hire additional teachers to handle extension classes.

Functioning to the role they were tasked and doing it responsibly will hit the mark of positive public opinion.

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