New witness ready to testify in Nebreja murder

Ariel Nebreja. Contributed Photo
Ariel Nebreja. Contributed Photo

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

CASTILLA, Sorsogon (26 Jan. 2012) – After sixty eight days a new witness has emerged and may hold the key in identifying the brains behind the murder of Ariel Nebreja, school principal of Milyua Elementary School in Castilla town here. The identity of the witness is kept tightly by the Castilla police fearing for a backlash in the progress of their investigations. They have secured the sworn statement of this witness implicating a person whom the police assumed was the mastermind.

The local police cautioned the family of the witness to reign in and was assured of protection which was also given to the family of the victim after receiving reports that motorcycle riding persons were seen casing the residence of the Nebreja’s the past days.

The sunset on November 17 of last year closed for good to Principal Ariel, his killers made sure that he will not see a dawn of day when they pumped six bullets from a .45 caliber handgun hitting him in the chest, lower extremities and abdomen exiting at his back The set-up was at a desolate place near a bridge. It was the spot where the body of Ariel was retrieved. The gunshot wounds cause hypovolemic shock and severe hemorrage leading to his death.

The sworn statement of the new witness according to the Castilla police corroborated initial findings that the murder was out of vengeance. This theory was the most logical explanation for the killing since the victim once figured in an incident which became a topic in the community. Inspite of the documents on hand, the police has yet to file information against the suspected mastermind and accomplices of the crime for it still fall short of the requirements to file murder charges against them.Cartographic sketch of the killers were made available by the police and are now posted as wanted persons province wide.

The family of Nebreja when contacted refused to comment on the progress of the investigation except that they are closely monitoring the case and requested the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct parallel investigation including the on-hand inspection of the area where Ariel Nebreja was murdered.

The Aemilianum College of Law has a keen interest on the outcome of the investigation since the victim is a law student of the college and are demanding justice for Ariel Nebreja.


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