Conditioned reflex

Sorsogon City Government Building. Photo courtesy:
Sorsogon City Government Building. Photo courtesy:

Marginal Note
Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.,

In a triangular movement if ever one encounters it, a defensive position is usually made. Such reflex is seen as a primary reaction of a person who feels that his power, authority, disposition are put to a test, challenged by a subordinate or even a peer thus instinct dictates that rationality of reasons can be negated resulting in an emotional outburst never heard before. It becomes triangular in the sense that a point represents his being, another his position and authority and the ego comprised the triangle.Be observant and study your bosses, the political leaders, the career public servants for they are not immune to the burden of leadership and work loads hence resulting actions and decisions sometimes are ill timed and unthinkable, far from the image portrayed.

Common fare it maybe, but, does it help at all? Lately an incident was recorded in the police blotter reported by a rank and file employee regarding the actuation and ill-mannered display of arrogance and authority demanding resignation that unprintable words were hurled against the employee. The poor civil servant was hospitalized because of the ranting and maltreatment he suffered from the boss. Question, how far shall the boss have the leeway of authority in demanding a resignation from his subordinate. How grave the fault of a subordinate that a boss demands a resignation? In demanding the resignation was it a threat that he is a nobody in the workplace? How soon will the Damocles sword will hit the employee? The questions are heavy in the minds of the abused, but a lightweight in the abuser. Remember the City Mayor of Davao, hitting a court official serving a court order in front of national television, her action was a conditioned reflex, making her less of a person but stronger as a politician. This can also be said regarding the harassment of a rank and file.

Rescuing the act of maltreatment was the giddy ready media machinery of the boss office, telling the rounds that the incident was not true, but will a lowly rank and file has the balls to report the incident to the police, having it recorded if it was concocted, what gain will he reap? What merits does the media man will earn from his boss is another thing.for him to explain. This lateral action was a conditioned reflex, repairing the damage which has become water under the bridge for the incident cascaded down an office under the direct supervision of the mediaman boss. They were huddled like swarming bees ready for swatting, they were swatted for the question of loyalty was raised. The conditioned reflex of the boss at the time was a point in his triangle that should not be rub or tap by anyone, sacrificing a friend or even a classmate who preach praises for him publicly and have turn blind eye
on numerous occasions for he paints himself orange. The actions and inter-acting demands was in the triangle of conditioned reflex.

Their animosity is for their keeping, but let me point it out here that conditioned reflex is not being asked it comes instinctively because of fault barriers that were opened coupled by gossipers and jesters, ill-advise received by the boss, even looking for a sacrificing lamb to bear his ire, ineptitude perhaps of an employee and emotional reasons borne out of fatigue, thus human as we are, it happens, the thing however, when he walks in his corridors of power, does it feels that its on fire or burning or was it already burnt, morale wise.

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