Board Member Hao, Councilor Daraman charged for non-payment of airline tickets

Provincial Councilors' League-Sorsogon Chapter president and SP Ex-officio member Bernard Hao. PHOTO BY
Provincial Councilors' League-Sorsogon Chapter president and SP Ex-officio member Bernard Hao. PHOTO BY

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY ( Jan. 2012) – For non-payment of airline tickets drawn from Our Lady of Fatima Travel Agency, Provincial Councilors’ League-Sorsogon Chapter president Bernard Hao of Bulan and Councilor Joseph Daraman of Castilla as chairman of PCL Culture and Arts, are now facing suits filed by Manny Babasa, proprietor of the said travel agency.

The plaintiff is seeking payment plus cost of suit from the officials who draw the tickets from Cebu Pacific and ZestAir which were issued to their invited guest during the Kasanggayahan Festival events which the councilor’s league sponsored sometime October of last year.

Babasa in an interview clarified the suit not as a political harassment, but, simply a legit claim of a legal businessman who was short changed by the two officials when they contracted the issuance of airline tickets beginning October 18 until 21 of last year to certain personalities that amounted to forty six thousand five hundred thirteen pesos and eighty centavos (P46,513.80).

Councilor Joseph Daraman of Castilla, Sorsogon - chairman of PCL Culture and Arts. PHOTO BY

Sending demand letter on October 21 to Hao and to Daraman on November 11 hoping that they will settle the obligations but were ignored by the respondent officials, filing the suit will enable him to collect sum of money owed to his travel agency.

Babasa avers that he e-mailed demanding payments from them yet it was totally ignored by respondent, instead, he was obliged to settle the amount from the air carriers else his travel agency booking rights be suspended.

This is not only the financial woes facing the leadership of Hao and Daraman for there are still claimants to cash prizes yet to be released by the councilor’s league in connection with the October Kasanggayahan events.

Finding substance to the allegation of Babasa, the Municipal Trail Court in Cities Branch 2 here in Sorsogon docketed the case as CV No. 2011-059 on December 19, 2011.

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  1. MAKASUPOG na mga tawo an. Bata, I heard na relative ini si Daraman kan mga pamangkin ko. PERO BAKO KO TABI RELATIVE AN SI DARAMAN. Just to be sure.

  2. Dapat ikulong yang si daraman, matagal na yang maraming nililoko, yung friend ko di nyan binayaran yung mobile service ng magshow yung karangahan dance group nya da albay, yung isa kakilala ko kinuhaan nya ng pera para masama daw yung bata sa europe dahil magperform daw dun yung karangahan dance group ni daraman, imagine mo nasa 500 thousand pesos din yun.

  3. Thats true, raket di daraman yan cultural group nyang Karaggahan na yan, may kaibigan nga ako di nila binayaran yung mobile na ginamit nya. yung kakilala nagbigay pa 500K kasi isasama daw yung magkapatid sa cultural travel presentation sa Europe. Marami na niloko yan si daraman, dapat di na biniboto yan.

  4. Teach them both good lessons. Nail them both..Probably been doing that for a long time. Ripping off people..All people with financial problems with these two should come forward now and join the law suit. No shame, couple of thieves behind bars. I’m sure there are of them. Come on people don’t be bully by these suckers, take them to court and the media..Headlines..

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