Senate to amend law creating Climate Change Commission

Sen. Chiz Escudero. Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

LEGAZPI CITY (3 Jan 2012) – The Senate will pass a bill that seeks to amend the composition of the Climate Change Commission (CCC), replacing the President with a full time chairperson that will work 24/7, Senator Francis Escudero said over the weekend.

Escudero said while the government coped and did what it could to address the impact of Climate Change, it needed to reorganize the composition of the CCC and be a 24/7 fully functioning commission.

He said that Congress had made a mistake when it passed the bill creating the commission and putting the President as its chairman.

The President has so many work to attend to, and placing him to chair various commission under him would not be manageable and efficient.

Escudero said: “When the President heads a commission, meetings are always dependent on his availability, and therefore vital issues and concerns could not be immediately resolved.”

The Bicol solon at a press conference here said the impact of Climate Change was indeed felt in the communities, citing that Mindanao has always been free from typhoons but because of climate change, the path of typhoons now passes this area.

He also cited that in Bicol being a typhoon belt area where Super typhoons Reming and Milenyo ravaged the region in 2006, killing over thousands of people and displacing tens of thousands of families, while damages to infrastructure and agriculture have reached over billions of pesos.

But because of climate change, the region for the past five years was lucky enough that no typhoons hit the place, as typhoons that usually moves towards the Bicol peninsula is now moving towards the north and south. (PNA)


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