P20 million weeklong visitors’ spending flows into Naga economy

Ad Congress22. Photo Courtesy Philippine Advertising Congress
Ad Congress22. Photo Courtesy Philippine Advertising Congress

By Joey Natividad, Special Correspondent

NAGA CITY (BicolToday.com/30 Nov. 2011) – Naga City’s service and recreation sectors have benefited increased sales and patronage arising from the open-spree spending by some 3000 delegates during the 22nd Ad Congress held in nearby Pili town, some 8 minutes drive to the city. Estimated visitors’ spending might reach P20 million in one week.

The city’s Magsaysay Avenue where most of the high-end hotels, restaurants, and grill bars are located, enjoyed peak season for a week owing to the advertising congress.

“At least P20 million had flowed into the city hotels, restaurants and recreation establishments as a result of visitors spending over a week.” says a Naga businessman. The 3000 plus advertising congress delegates including staff are expected to spend each at minimum of P5 thousand in personal spending spree during their stay in Pili-Naga City areas.

BicolToday.Com also learned that a month before the congress, company personnel were already setting up products display and promotional campaign materials, which activities were shouldered by company spending that benefited the local city economy.

Signs and streamers welcoming delegates were on display in hotels, restaurants and grill bars along Naga’s Magsaysay Avenue. Villa Caceres Hotel, Avenue Hotel, Sampaguita Hotel, Moraville Hotel, and other inns enjoyed full room occupancy.

While Camarines Sur Governor L-Ray Villafuerte offered sleeping quarters to guests inside the Provincial Capitol Compound complex where the advertising congress was held in November 16-19, company executives preferred to stay at Naga’s classy hotels, while they let their staff stay at the allocated Capitol cottages.

During the one-month period which included product display preparations, booths construction, promotions, advance company staff visitations, and other pre-, current-, and post-congress activities, both company and visitors’ spending might have reached more than P5O million pesos, a big boost to Pili-Naga City local economy.

Businessmen also noted that many company executives decided to stay in Naga a few days more after the congress. The remaining delegates and guests visited Albay, Legaspi City and Sorsogon for sight-seeing and recreation. Others took advantage of their stay to seek local market opportunities in the Bicol Region. BicolToday.com

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